Remember, remember, the 10th of November.

November 10, 2013 :: 7:35 PM

jawn noticed my cheekbones

It seems so weird to me that two of my most favourite people in the world share a birthday, but maybe it shouldn’t.

I’ve known them both for just about the same amount of time, but I’ve only met one of them in person.

That situation really needs to rectify itself.

BEFORE I move across the ocean and live near the one I’ve already met.

I’m just sayin’ that there are plenty of haunted spots in New England that are worthy of exploration…

At any rate, I’m lucky that they exist. (And that they share the same birthday so it’s easier to remember.)


I’ve been more active on AO3 lately, trying to take the edge off the boredom and make some new friends… it’s paying off in terms of exposure. In the past week, my Johnlock has gotten about 50 - 100 new hits.

Current stats, so I can compare in the future:

PARIS: 10 subscribers, 504 hits, 23 kudos, 2 comment threads, 3 bookmarks

HARTFORD: 10 subscribers, 433 hits, 23 kudos, 8 comment threads, 3 bookmarks

IT WAS ALWAYS THERE: 1 subscriber, 1018 hits, 11 kudos, 0 comment threads, 3 bookmarks