Happy new year!

January 01, 2008 :: 8:58 PM


from my most favorite coffee mug :: da ‘brook :: 2007

There isn’t much I can say about 2007… I made up with my very best friend in the whole world.  How the heck do you top that?!?!  You know, you make these friendships, they end and life goes on.  Maybe you know what you’re missing, maybe you don’t.  One day, life gives you the much-needed kick in the pants you didn’t know you needed, and all of sudden you find yourself wondering why things were the way they were for so long. I lucked out—I got my family back together.  It’s my first holiday season in several years where I didn’t get all maudlin over who I was missing.  Instead I thought about the people I had back in my life… A much better way to spend the holidays.

So yeah.  I’ve had a mostly wonderful 2007 and I don’t feel like dwelling on the parts that sucked. 

2008 may see a lot of things.  And it may not. I’m not even a full day into the year yet- I have no idea what I want for myself this year.  In the past three weeks, my little 5 year plan got completely derailed and I’ve had to start all over. It’s not been easy and I certainly don’t want to just decide on some random things so I can feel good about putting together a stupid list.

I’ve got my ubiquitous capture tool, clothed in a beautiful hunter green leather coat, and a wonderfully scritchy fountain pen.  I’ll be just fine.

Christmas lessons

December 25, 2007 :: 4:07 PM


apache and arsey :: da ‘brook :: christmas eve 2007

I haven’t liked Christmas in a very long time. To me, all the gift giving is such a hassle.  Wrong sizes, wrong colors, gift cards to places we’d never go…never mind that on our end we have lost gift cards and mispicked orders sent to us.  I’d much rather spend the time just being with my family and friends than worry about whether or not they like the contents of the boxes.  But every year, I get a little better with it.  This year, I’m actually listening to Christmas songs.  Granted, it took me until 3 PM today to fire up the iTunes playlist, but they’re on.

Every year, I also tend to learn a valuable lesson. Normally, they’re of the personal sort and related to my status as an orphan, but this year I actually learned some lessons worth sharing.  Enjoy!

Things NOT to say during your Christmas vacation:

1) One more game! (Said during hour 2 of a 6 hour Lego Star Wars marathon)

2)  Holy cow, is this sweater fugly!  (Yeah.  It really is.)

3) Do I look like a girl? (Wonder Hubby ofter opening a package containing a very feminine looking Halloween t-shirt.)

4) C’mon,  you wuss, let’s go! (Wii Sports - Boxing, after I won a match, and lost the next two.)

5) I don’t need a level! (Apparently, I DID need a level to hang the corkboard.  Whoops.)

Things not to buy with Christmas money:

A freakin’ Nintendo Wii.  That thing is such a major time suck.  Plus the active games, like Wii Sports, are really ACTIVE.  We’re still sore after a few games of tennis, baseball and the previously mentioned boxing matches.

Things to buy with Christmas money:

1) A Keurig B60  We have one of these at work and while I love it,  I was never going to buy one - I mean a buck fifty for a freakin’ coffemaker?!?! I became converted after 4 days in a row of washing out a coffee pot for one cup of coffee.  It should be here soon!!!!

2) A Circa Zip Folio  Since I’ve finally decided to become a true grownup (wearing suits to work every day creates a different mind frame than my usual jeans and sweaters…), I decided to buy a nice cover for my beloved Circas. 


Obligatory year end post

December 22, 2007 :: 8:48 PM


me with my d40 :: da ‘brook ::  september sixteenth two thousand seven

My life has always been this incredible ride - some years more than others.  This year, I’ve seen The David twice, mended fences with old friends, made superficial contact with old friends and family members, hung out with people I love dearly and don’t see enough of, dropped more balls than I can count, made new friends, lost some, did a very good deed, started watching football (!!!!), went to Ohio and changed jobs (which included changing the 5 year plan).

Normally I do a silly new year’s resolution list and I probably will again this year.  It’s the joy of the fresh start, not the actualization of anything on that list, mind you… I do want to do one thing and get it done before I go back to work on Wednesday and that’s finish this stinkin’ design.  None of the back pages are finished and that bothers me.  I hate leaving things undone - I’ve come to learn that its not the end of the world & that I’m doing more important things with that time (homework, Wii, family, sleep) but that doesn’t make it any less grating. 

I have also closed up shop on my other blog.  I didn’t like where it went after I had a pretty good breakdown and I wanted a fresh start - without my name attached. I’ve got a new domain, privately registered, and I’ve begun using that persona in a couple of forums.  It’s not as comfortable as “Matty”, but since I’ve been a Mat for a long time, I’m sure the new name will grow on me. Whatever.  The whole point is, I miss my daily rants full of language I do not wish co-workers and other random googlers to find. This here is nice but very stifling.

I did a lot of stuff this year that I wasn’t planning on and discovered, for the zillionth time, that my father was right. I can survive.  I am strong.  I am independent.  I am me, and that ain’t such a bad thing lately.

It’s funny that everything that happened this year was never on my 2007 list of resolutions. I guess we’ll just have to see what winds up on my 2008 List of Things That I Want To Do But Will Probably Never Get To.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend, no matter how you plan on spending it.


I love sammiches

December 14, 2007 :: 12:53 AM


l boy sandwich:: winchester, ma :: december eighth, two thousand seven

You can’t always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. —Rolling Stones

After a wicked ugly fight, I finally made up with an old friend.  She was coming up on Saturday to hang out when our third friend called.  He and his brother would be an hour away. Did we want to meet up with them?  Um, YEAH!!!!!  (No, the surprise is not a pony.  You could ride it if you want, but I wouldn’t recommend it.)

It was the most twisted, most disgusting, most juvenile, and most AMAZING day of my entire life (she says…).  There’s a very specific chemistry the four of us have - and it’s not meant for everyone.  I haven’t laughed that long and that hard in forever.

I am constantly reminded of why I fought so hard to move back to New England.  it was definitely the best thing I have ever done with my life to this point.

All Messed Up

November 21, 2007 :: 6:51 PM

final game :: brown arena :: boston university :: january second two thousand five

Being a BU fan lately is like watching the Hartford Whalers… but hope always springs eternal.  The BC game is next Saturday.  Its the only game at Agganis this year, but I suppose I could suck it up, sell my soul, and go to Chestnut Hill for the other two.  I’m not sure it will be a win, but at least it will be a good game. *sigh*

So anyhoo, I’m sitting here taking a break from my accounting project when the weirdest thought pops in my head.  All the desktop icons on my Macs (all three of them) live on the right side of the screen.  The desktop icons on my peecee at work and Peter are on the left side.  Now, it’s not that that’s how they come out of the box.  I did a bad, bad, bad thing and put Windows XP on the MacBook… its icons are still on the right hand side, so this is a conscious arrangement of icons.

Of course, I had to google the different sides of the brain and try to make sense of this… the working side of my brain - the one that spends all its time buried in impossible excel spreadsheets - is the left side.  The creative side - the one that works on web design, blogging, and photochoppin’ - is the right side.  Logic, left, peecee.  Creative, right, Mac.

Somehow I’ve managed to align the sides of my brain with the tasks they’re related to and set up my computers accordingly. 


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