Groundhog Day Resolutions

February 03, 2008 :: 3:05 PM


groundhog day resolutions :: da ‘brook :: two two ought eight

I linked to Dave’s take on Groundhog Day resolutions a few days ago.  Considering my world was turned upside down in December, it was nice to have a little break to think about what I really wanted for myself this year.

1) Take (& pass) the CPA exam—duh!  I need the CPA license if I want to be a cost accountant.  It’s not required for my job at a CPA firm (but it is HIGHLY recommended) and it will bring a pay raise and allow me to go out on my own if I ever choose to do so.

2) Less dining out—We’re really lazy and fickle.  It’s hard to go grocery shopping when we eat according to our moods. We’ve tossed more food because it sounded good at the time and then we weren’t in the mood for it or didn’t feel like cooking.  That needs to stop.

3) More time with friends—If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times:  It’s awesome to have my family back together.  ‘Nuff said.

4)Dedicate myself to my health—Between the bipolar and the weight, it’s time to get serious. 

5) Use my camera at least once a day—I joined the Once a Day group on Flickr and then, life got in the way and it just wasn’t something I deemed important. It should be.

6) Knit more—I can run a yarn store off my stash.  It’s time to start knitting between my sporadic visits to my Tuesday night group.

7) Stop biting my nails—Soon, I’m going to be doing client visits.  My hands are a constant source of shame.  I even went so far to visit a hypnotherapist but came away with disasterous results. I can do it - I got off to a good start last year and then all hell broke loose.

8) Be myself more - more creative outlets—I used to like web design, writing, scrapbooking and card making.  Now it just seems like a lot of work… and it’s really not.  It’s important for me to start doing these things again.

The David says when embarking on a project to imagine what wild success looks like and then go after it. I’m still working on that part…but I’m close to having a solid definition of wild success for each of these.

The Bubaru’s back and so is the bunny!

January 23, 2008 :: 12:34 AM


bourque the bunny :: da ‘brook :: january twenty-second ought eight

When I last saw this little dude, he was living in my 1992 Subaru Loyale.  Bourque the bunny - forever known as BuBu Bubaru Bunny. 

After a long protracted battle with two Mazda dealers, I traded in my brand-new Mazda for a brand-new Forester.  I should have gone back to Subaru instead of getting the Mazda… Oh well.  Its all done. I’ve got a nice, shiny Subaru and some poor fool is getting my Mazda.  I’d almost feel bad about it except “there’s nothing wrong with it.”  As long as the new owner doesn’t hit potholes, they’ll be just fine. *sigh*

We got some really bad news last night… I’m having a hard time comprehending what it all means and what’s going to happen.  I’ve always planned for the worst and hoped for the best - but thinking about the worst case scenario right now is making me sick to my stomach.  I don’t often buy into prayers and all that, but one of the girls in my knitting group prayed and burned candles for me when I was going through the worst of the job doodie.  Did she make it all pan out? Did my dad?  I don’t know - but I don’t doubt that it helped.

Send good vibes… please.

No pic today

January 20, 2008 :: 10:23 PM

Not in a picturey type of mood right now… but am focusing on the future.

Came across this (Groundhog Day resolutions) on a few different sites and decided this might be a good idea.  I went though my old blog’s archives for 2007 and noticed that while I experienced a lot, most of it wasn’t productive and/or particularly happy.  (For some reason there were a bunch of deaths this summer - Hubby’s dad, a friend from high school, a co-worker’s baby was stillborn, and the Colonel.  And those are just the ones I can think of!)

That’s not to discount the absolutely amazing things that happened this year - Viz, Jeff, Bryan, Melanie - but 2007 was rough.

I’ve gotten a taste of 2008 and I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to be working towards.  I’ll post the finished list on 2/2.

3/366 - Unhappy Pooper

January 15, 2008 :: 10:37 PM


apache :: da’ brook :: part of the once a day group on flickr :: 01 15 08

Apache decided he wasn’t a big fan of the shoulder deep snow.  Instead of wandering around the yard like Arsey, he sat down and wouldn’t budge an inch until I told him we were going back inside. 



Work is good.  Keeping busy and wondering how I’m going to get my homework done if I don’t start cracking down.  I did manage to sign up for my last two classes.  I won’t be walking in May due to a technicality, but I don’t really care.  I’ve already had a graduation ceremony and I don’t feel like waiting until ‘09 to walk with all the honor regalia.  Oh well. I’ll still be holding a graduation party at some point this summer.  Save the date cards will be in the mail soon.  Maybe.

1/366 - Plum Island, MA

January 13, 2008 :: 7:00 PM


somewhere on rt 1 :: plum island/newburyport, ma :: part of the once a day group on flickr :: 01 13 08

I’m about a week away from using New Hamster’s lemon law… Martin the Merry Mazdamobile the 2nd has decided he doesn’t like to keep his wheels balanced.  I got him in March and he was at the dealer in September and October to get balanced.  Then this week I spent $100 to have my favorite tire place look at them… the guy told me that if it’s the 3rd time they’ve been that out of balance I should really have the dealership take the car and keep it until they find out what’s wrong with it.

I was all set to just let it go as long as the car stayed in balance.  Until Friday morning.  I was getting onto 95, just about to shift gears when my steering wheel jerked to the right.  Like someone just gave it a good yank. I called the dealer I bought the car from and they were giving me a hard time scheduling an appointment.  Then the guy was like, oh you just drove through a puddle and lost control.  Yeah, it was raining, but do I LOOK like that kind of moron?  There was no puddle on the road.

I brought it to the dealership I almost bought the car from* and dealt with the owner today. I know he can’t replicate the jerk, I don’t even know if it’s related and I have no idea if the car will go out of balance while they have it, but he promised me they would do everything he could to repair it.  His dealership has never had a problem they couldn’t fix. While I’m not keen on the idea of yet another new car, I’m starting to look around.  If they can’t fix it, I don’t want another Mazda. I think I’ll go back to driving a Subaru.


* I didn’t buy the car from this dealership because the sales guy was a complete jerk and wouldn’t budge on the price or my trade in.  I got a better model for the same price plus a couple of grand extra on my trade in… at this rate, it probably would have evened itself out, though.

While I’m thinking about it, I still wouldn’t recommend them.  The owner’s attitude about the other dealership, while understandable, was a turn off. That was before he flipped the bird.  Yeah.  Exactly.  If they can fix it, great. But it still won’t change my mind about them.

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