I think I’m insane.

January 29, 2015 :: 9:54 PM

aren’t they adorable?

So - I knocked out a quick (93 page / 15 chapter) Drarry story.

I was rereading it today at lunch, trying to decide how much editing it needs before I’d be OK posting it on AO3 with the non-beta disclaimer when I had a light bulb moment.

I decided to write two more version of the same short story - one from Draco’s POS and one Harry’s - because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Either that, or I really like Drarry.

Both are valid.

No matter what, I haven’t written from the 1st person POV in forever, so that will be a really good exercise before I attempt edit #1 of the massive Drarry novel…


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January 26, 2015 :: 9:10 PM


Major blizzard our way and I can’t work from home…

so I’m going to work from home.

I can’t stand the mess my professional life has become and I need to get back on the GTD bandwagon.

I can’t use OmniFocus, which totally pisses me off, and I’m not a big fan of Outlook, so I’ve had to research a new way of getting things done.

I’ve been playing around with Evernote since before it was well known - I met the team at the GTD Conference several years ago in San Fran and got a personal tour / lesson and I loved the concept - but it’s never stuck.

I think it has to stick now. I’m out of good options.

So. I’ll be setting up Evernote and doing a brain dump tomorrow.


It’s over. Woo!

January 18, 2015 :: 8:01 PM

^^^ this. so. much. this. ^^^

I’ve pretty much been working nonstop since jackass’s last day. Seven day work weeks. Twelve hour days.

It’s ridiculous. Really fucking ridiculous.

I took this job because I didn’t want that type of responsibility. I didn’t want to work that hard again.

The good news is that I was told that Saturday was my last day of OT.

So… I’d throw a party and shit but I’m too fucking exhausted.


The italki New Year Language Challenge is on! Luckily (?), my tutor was on vacation for the first week of the challenge, so I haven’t started yet. I say luckily because if I had scheduled any classes for the first two weeks of January, I would have had to reschedule them.

No more OT = more time for Ukie classes!


Which totally reminds me about a whole thing going on in two of the Ukie Facebook groups I belong to. Simultaneously.

One person in one group brought up that they hate Ukrainians being called Ukies, and then someone else brought that discussion to the second group.

I didn’t know what to think at first…

I mean, I grew up with the word ‘Ukie’ - it’s who I am. I went to Ukie school (before my mother pulled me out), I went to a Ukie church, attended Ukie weddings, and my mother is buried in a Ukie cemetery.

Shit - for my birthday, I’m getting a personalised license plate that says UKIE on it. (And maybe a tattoo. Don’t tell J. I’ve always hated them, definitely hate the idea of something on me that I can’t take off if I grow tired of it, and don’t like the one on him… Turning the big 4-0 is definitely fucking with my head.)


One of the Ukrainian-Ukrainians - not a member of the diaspora - took offence to it. Compared it to the N-Word.


I think that’s taking it a tad too far, but since I’m in the States I’m probably not the best judge. The Canadians don’t seem to mind it either, so maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that we’re here and not there.



Knitting a test sock so I can try the fish lips kiss heel. I am so sick of working on the gift socks and having to tear them back because the pattern I’m using says that row gauge doesn’t matter. The fuck it doesn’t.

The only problem with test knitting is that I LOVE the test socks and want to finish that pair first. *sigh* I don’t think the gift socks will ever get done.

Maybe by the recipient’s 40th? (Happy birthday! Here’s some socks!)


In other news, Guinness had a thing on his nose that went from a bald spot (like he rubbed it on a door handle / gate latch a little too hard) to HOLY-FUCK-IT’S-SWOLLEN-AND-INFECTED in the space of a few days.

Since neither of us could take Monday off with a clear conscious, we went to the Emergency Vet last Sunday night.

He’s on some serious antibiotics and it’s starting to look better, but it was looking pretty rough for a while there. We had to deal with the cone of shame which is always fun. Big dogs without peripheral vision and no concept of spacial relations always make for a rip roaring good time. His first cone is held together by duct tape. His second cone is pretty much pristine because he figured out that picking at the scab means he has to wear the CoS.

I swear, that fucking dog is going to be the death of me.


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Yup. Birds gotta bird.

January 01, 2015 :: 6:34 PM

ringing in the new year with a little bit of cumbercutie

Original piece lasted maybe a thousand words… Decided to write a new Drarry piece, picking up from the chaos in the Great Hall at the end of the series.

It fits into my Broken!Draco & Broken!Harry head canon/universe so, why not see that that looks like?


Knitting, writing, binging on “Grimm” and wishing I had tomorrow off like I was supposed to…


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257,976 words

December 29, 2014 :: 3:25 PM

That’s a lot of fucking paper


It’s a good thing that Staples had cases of paper on sale.

Inside that 5” binder (12.7 cm for you metric types), is the 6th draft printed out, single sided, one page per sheet. 480 sheets of paper.

Then, I printed out each draft, each one 2-up, single sided, and included that, too.
Draft 1—106 pages (53 sheets of paper)
Draft 2—75 pages (38 sheets of paper)
Draft 3—122 pages (61 sheets of paper)
Draft 4—73 pages (37 sheets of paper)
Draft 5—110 pages (55 sheets of paper)

That’s 724 sheets of paper.

Do you know how many pages my 10-ish year old laser printer got out before it started to be a fucking wuss and jam every six pages?

About 50.

It’s been a very long day.


Add to that:

I wanted the BBC Radio 4 adaption of Mansfield Park with David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch - because YUMMY! - and the only place I could get it was Amazon.co.uk. Got my package today and was so excited to listen to it in the car tomorrow on my way to work and…

They sent me a fucking USB cable.

So now, I have a USB cable I didn’t want nor need and I’m on the hook to send it back to the UK.

I’m so annoyed right now I can’t even.

I’m supposed to get £8 back towards my shipping. That’s about $12… they better hope it costs me that much to send back. A penny more and it’s not going to be pleasant. It’s ridiculous that I have to pay to ship something back (and hope to hell it makes it through customs and to Amazon) when they’re the ones that screwed up the order.


(On the flip side - Amazon’s US store combined two orders, placed several days apart, and got them here today. That second order was placed with the 1-day shipping, so I’m kind of impressed that the timing worked out. That’s pretty random, but I figure I lucked out because the holiday fell between the orders. So wooo-hooo! US Amazon store!)


And if that wasn’t annoying enough, I had to call our mortgage company today to find out why, after 8 years of paying this loan back, all of our payments are going solely to the interest. At this point, by my calculations, it should be about 25% principal and 75% interest. I asked the girl to look at my most recent statement and… she couldn’t tell me. I then asked if she could pull up and/or send me a copy of the amortization schedule for my loan and it threw her for a loop.

Was it really that odd a request? Do people not know that lenders can give you a breakout of your payment and how much goes to serve which portion of your debt?

Thankfully, she figured it out and then told me she needed to talk to her accounting department to find out why my payments weren’t tying to the schedule she pulled up… I still haven’t heard back.

I didn’t think it was that hard a question. I suppose when your original mortgage company goes bankrupt and your loan gets sold to the lowest bidder, not once, but twice, the quality of the customer service tends to decrease.

In all fairness, she was quite nice and responsive when she figured out that she was dealing with someone who knew their shit, but I’m just annoyed. I want to know if any of my last two payments went to principal. If they didn’t, it looks like I’m going to have to cut my ties with their auto-pay system and not being able to break my amount due into two easier to swallow installments is really going to piss me off.  (I tried two-checks-one-envelope with them and that didn’t go over very well. They basically forced me to use their auto-pay system.)


I didn’t get anything done over my vacation and I feel kind of guilty about that, but there was slacking to be done.

I’ve put in two 60 hour weeks back-to-back and didn’t get paid fairly for them at all. I’m classified as this magically stupid thing called “salary non-exempt”. That means that any hour I put in over 40 gets paid at HALF my hourly rate.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s not my 40 hour hourly wage. Oh, no. That would be too generous.

How the calculations work are they take your total hours worked, divide your weekly salary by that amount to get your hourly rate and then take half of THAT.

Let’s say, using round numbers, that I earn $52K a year. That’s $1,000 a week, $25 an hour…

If I were a regular hourly employee, that OT would earn me $37.50 an hour. Which is - let’s be honest - completely worth rearranging my life for.


I’m not.


To continue, let’s assume that I worked a 50 hour week. That’s $1,000 divided by 50 hours and gives me an average hourly wage of $20 an hour. Divide that by 2, and suddenly each hour of OT is worth $10.

$10 multiplied by 10 hours OT is $100.

Completely ridiculous.

It’s so DE-motivating, it’s like working for the old Director of Finance again.



I’ve been so crabby and I haven’t wanted to be all bitchy here, but DAMN! that felt good.

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