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Yup… we all know exactly who that is…

March 04, 2013 :: 6:20 PM

I’ve noticed that I can’t call Bassdrop Cumberwubwubwub by his first name… It’s always going to be Cumberbatch. 

Bonus points to anyone who knows why!


I’ve never cried so hard reading anything before

March 04, 2013 :: 4:47 PM


i hate you, cumberbatch, for making johnlock so believable

You know how you have those days where you just need to bawl like a baby, but nothing makes you sad enough to get there? Guaran-fucking-teed this will. You don’t even have to watch Sherlock to understand…

Read this:

Fanfic: Alone on the Water

And then click play on this:


If the one-two punch of that doesn’t get you…


(Those are real tears on Cumberbatch’s face… Martin’s performance was that good. BAD HEDGEHOG! BAD!)

As the kids say on tumblr:



February 28, 2013 :: 9:54 PM


to make myself feel better (john’s jumpers joke not included)

holy. mother. of. fuck. is. this. accurate.

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BOOM! Goes the Canon

February 19, 2013 :: 9:03 PM

I’m normally totally confused as to whether or not I love Steven Moffat or hate him.


Today, I love him and want to make him cookies.





Dude, Martin must have moments where he’s totally terrified of the fandom.

Too perfect not to steal and log here for my viewing pleasure.



Beautiful writing is beautiful

February 14, 2013 :: 9:32 PM


johnlock is the reason i just bought the the entire sherlock homes collection for my kindle

Yeah, so the decision I’ve been putting off was pretty much made for me today. Fuck.

I licked my wounds by hiding in my office and reading Sherlock fanfic. I think I made it through ten or so one-shots before I had to do some actual work. (When the boss is away, the depressed will hide in their offices looking desperately for something to distract them from the voices…)

Can I just say that whether you’re into Johnlock as gay pr0n or Johnlock as friends, there is some BEAUTIFULLY written fanfic out there. I’ve never seen anything capture that kind of bond before.

Johnlock fanfic writers? You have just won the internets.