And the sunshine shone from the sunshine above…

November 16, 2013 :: 6:16 PM

amen, brother

Dog, proofreading ZURCH! is killing me… I changed the ending to PARIS!, which did, as expected, require a rewrite of the majority of the fucker. This Cabin Pressure trilogy is going to be the death of me.

On a happy note, we’re finally getting the REAL Zurich episode. Finnemore has confirmed that the original cast will come back for the series ender, too. I just hope it ends with Martin staying at MJN…

Plus, I’m 16 days into NaNoWriMo, so I need the extra distraction. Right? Right! Why the fuck not?


Finally, Friday, I started to feel like a human again.

I went out to breakfast with D and we talked about how bad it sucked to be let go while Junior ran off to China to work for Daddy.

I interviewed with the recruiter for the part time / full time / temp to perm position. He’s going to try and get me in front of the company ASAP. Actually, for as fucked up as it sounds, its actually a good position and has a LOT of potential for someone who gets bored easily. I guess we’ll see. The recruiter was wicked excited about me being a good fit for them, so I’ve got my fingers crossed…

Drove to Saratoga Springs for a night with my Albany family. It was, as always, exactly what I needed when I needed it. If I wasn’t hell bent on leaving the country, I might have seriously considered shifting my job search to Albany…

But it’s time for my next adventure, the hubby’s on board with the decision, and Universe willing, I’ll find out that I really am Polish-American. (Dear universe, please, please, please, let me know what I can do to ensure Polish citizenship. I have a career counsellor ready to help me update my CV, I have an immigration solicitor ready to smooth out any rough edges. And uh, I’ve been doing a passable job of writing British-English fan fic according to one of my new friends on AO3, so there’s that, too. I’ll be pre-assimilated! Is that even a thing? It is now… all I need is that EEA/EU citizenship. )

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m really Ukrainian, but that’s not going to help me any since they’re not in the EEA/EU.


Feeling like shit again today.

Last week was a roller coaster and it really fucked me up. I felt just well enough to have one good day and then I relapsed.

Eh, yesterday was so fucking awesome, it’s worth it to be all headachey and miserable again today.

Quicky update

November 05, 2013 :: 12:32 PM

oh, hell, i ship it, too

The problem with jumping back and forth from fandoms that center on the same actor is that you get very confused as to whether or not he’s got ginger (auburn) hair or ebony hair, whether or not he’s taller than his partner or shorter… DAMN YOU, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH for being so chameleon like!


Had an interview yesterday that was weird. I can’t go into details, but I think - if they offer me the job - I’m not going to take it. I’d rather hold out for the chance to get a second interview with a restaurant…

I need the money, badly, but I don’t think I’d last long there.

I do have an interview today with a CPA for a temp job. The money is better than most temp jobs, and it will keep me busy through the holidays. The recruiter seems to think it’s a slam dunk.

Who knows…


Fucking BBC is airing the first episode of the third series of Sherlock on December 15th. IN A MOVIE THEATRE. Tickets go on sale November 12th, but how can I justify to the hubs that I need to take off to England for the shortest weekend trip in history?



My friend, Jesse, from the Ameros (Albany band), is running for Mayor today. I wish I could vote for him. He’s a Republican, but his politics mesh so closely with my own, that I’d love to see him in office. He really has the capability to change the world if people would take a chance on him. He’s smart. Well spoken. Really, really, really has an excellent head on his shoulders. You don’t find most people his age to be that mature…

Shall I say it again? I’m so damn lucky to have my Albany family, and that it’s ever expanding.

Poland… POLAND!

October 25, 2013 :: 1:34 PM

this is not a manip. i repeat, not. a. manip.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. Simon Pegg fucking rocks.



Simply being born in German does not make one a German citizen, which means the child of someone born in Germany doesn’t have any right to claim citizenship.

Nazi bastards.

However, Poland is also among the group of UK approved countries that gets easy border crossing privileges.

I know one of my grandparents was born in Poland and the ship manifest from when they fled Germany lists all three of them as Polish, so…

I don’t know where the day has gone, but I’m going to research Poland citizenship requirements while listening to the BU game tonight. If all I need is a birth certificate and proof of citizenship, I can probably pull it off. I just need to figure out how to get a birth certificate.


In other news, I wrote a Johnlock one shot to get back into that fandom (OH! That’s what I’ve done all day so far. Whoops!). That was fun.

Bathroom lemons… I crossed a line even with myself.

It’s not my fault Benedict went on Top Gear and said that he’d rather give than receive and that he’s the dominate one.


I can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween, but if I’m going to the Black Mountain Symphony show tomorrow, I’m going in costume.

I have the perfect costume. I just don’t know if / how I’m going to fit into it.

Wish me luck!




Mmmm… a day with the Cumberbabe

October 24, 2013 :: 8:47 AM

as julian assange in 'the fifth estate'

Yesterday, after my interview with another recruiter who has nothing I'm a fit for (surprise), I decided to go to the movies.

Of course, I HAD to see "The Fifth Estate" because Benedict Cumberbatch, that's why.

I didn't think it would be my kind of movie, but I went any way because if anything, two hours of Benedistraction Cucumberpatch would keep me from the tears that have been threatening. (We're at the fun part of my depression cycle - the one where everything makes me cry.) He was definitely worth seeing. There were some Sherlock/Benedict mannerisms that I picked up on, but for the most part, he got lost in his character, and I thought he killed it.

After the movie, I was a bit shaken. They discussed some POWERFUL things and still - even after my own wikileaks research and paying attention to the leaks when they were made know - it left me unsure of where I stand and how I feel about what happened 'on the inside' if you will.

I like things that make me question everything I know, so woo! good movie.


15 kudos. Everything else is holding steady.


Found 30+ prompts for my 30 Day OTP Challenge and have decided to do one for each fandom. I'm probably going to spend today working out the UK/US differences for the Zodiac case fic and get that ready to go for November 1st.

It's not like I still don't get quality time with Marlas - I need to do a serious proofreading of Paris and Zurich and get those queued up in AO3. I reread those and Fitton last night while I was eating dinner and I see a lot of ideas in Fitton that were rushed through. I'm glad I decided against publishing Fitton and rewriting Zurich.

A lot of the Fitton stuff is so disjointed, it will make an awesome basis for the 30 Day OTP Challenge.


Guinness and his sprained wrist are home one more day because my headache is back. I'm currently not in a position where I can drive him. And that sucks for both of us.


STILL no answer from the German Consulate, so I'm filling out their paperwork and sending it out tomorrow.

So scared that I'm going to get approved... that makes this so real.

I want it - oh Dog, do I want it - but moving across the ocean? Leaving behind the Albanians and the BU hockey team? Those are some pretty important things to leave behind. If those are the only things holding me here, I think I can survive. I can hear BU games streaming over the internet, but leaving Black Mountain Symphony behind is a lot harder than I originally thought it would be.

I do still have friends in the States, and I'll probably miss the shit out of Logan and his dad, but they can come visit. Or I can. I guess it depends on what happens...Between the headache and the nerves, I think I'm going to vomit.


Welcome to Thursday.

I need someone to brit-pick my damn blog!

October 21, 2013 :: 9:10 AM

The tube station is Tower HILL. TOWER HILL. Not Tower Bridge.


Spent a good chunk of yesterday with a massive sinus headache. Couldn’t knit because of the hole in my finger, decided not to read fan fic because all it did was make me want to write more, couldn’t read an actual book because I couldn’t focus on the plot, couldn’t even really focus on the TV.


About the only useful thing I did was skim a London tour book I had looking for creepy spots to place bodies. I found quite a few.

It’s really a shame that we’re not going to London before NaNo, because I’d really like to check out the body dump sites for myself.

(HI, US GOVERNMENT! Now that you’re done being children and have time to get back to more important things, are you loving my google searches on writing gay sex, the differences between a .9MM handgun and a .38, blood spatter, knives, serial killers and best places to dump a body in London yet? You’ll notice, too, that I’ve been googling ways to leave the country. I’m sure you’ll put two and two together and get seven, but I wouldn’t expect any less of you morons.)


side note: tumblr claims ‘Merlin’ is more homoerotic than ‘Sherlock’. With lines like “You’re not going to put it in my mouth!” “I am, and you’re going to swallow!” I can see why.


Speaking of leaving the country… woke up this morning excited to continue my UK job search. I’m also going to look into UK colleges/universities and research MBA programs today.

I have a friend on FB (a guy I knew during my entire journey through the Manchester public school system, but that’s really as far as it went) who is fascinated by my expat-ing progress. (Yeah. I made a word. Deal with it.) I’ve been discussing it with him pretty in-depth and it’s kind of cool to be able to have those discussions with him.

But I don’t bring that up to talk about becoming an expat, because really, it’s all right there in the first sentence of this section. I bring it up because out of my 91 (92 once I add N’s wife) friends on FB, most of them are people I was - at best - acquaintances with. Now through the magic of the internet and bipolar meds, I’m able to form lasting relationships. REAL friendships. I keep my FB friends under 100 on purpose. If you make the cut, it means you’re really important to me. (Aaaaaawwwwww! Schmoop!)

I think it’s Facebook’s only real value to me right now because I’m losing interest in being on the site all day every day. (Proof that I’m ready to rejoin the living and get out of this depression?)


While we’re talking schmoop, I had some pretty intense Marlas dreams last night. Nothing but fluff… lots of fluff. Couch cuddles and top of head kisses. Bears polar and the seven dwarfs. Sitting around the portacabin making fun of Carolyn. Playing charades with Arthur (even though we all know that’s a TERRIBLE idea.) Just being cute.

Dog, I miss them. A lot.

I really had no idea how much I missed them until they were gone.

I don’t want to waste all that time I’ve spent doing the research for the casefic, but I’m really leaning towards doing the 30 Day OTP Challenge for NaNo.

Anything to spend more time with my boys…

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