I’m (not) leavin’ on a jet plane.

April 18, 2013 :: 7:28 PM


some people have too much free time…

Bummin’ hard. We were supposed to be flying out to London tonight/tomorrow AM.

Instead, we’ll be at home, wishing we were at Nick’s wedding.


There was a thing on tumblr last night that I was too lazy to screen grab about Americans loving the whole British thing because of tv shows and how we’re stupid and blah blah blah.

Maybe some Americans are like that, but I have *cough* years of history with London.

I went there in high school and I LOVED it.

I went after my father died and I LOVED it.

I dragged Jamie there a few years ago and we LOVED it.

There’s something about the city that grabs me the same way Boston does.

I still don’t know how or when we’re going to move there… but I know we have to. It’s where I belong in this next phase of my life. 


It looks like a Christmas trip there might actually be a reality… and this has NOTHING to do with the timing. Nope.



Martin Freeman’s tongue: an appreciation post p 2

April 16, 2013 :: 10:53 PM


i could stare at this for hours


I can’t help myself

April 14, 2013 :: 12:54 PM


i know about the pr0n


April 07, 2013 :: 3:28 PM

It never fails to crack me up. NEVER.

Last night, Colin, who I’ve met several times, didn’t know who I was right away. Finally, he said, “OH! YOU’RE THE NUMBER ONE FAN!”

I’m either the girl that drives four hours, ‘New Hampshire”, or Tam, when I’m with them. ‘Number one fan’ has been thrown around before, but I’ve never been known by that. It’s something the band members have said to me, but it’s never been my identity… Considering the last number one fan wound up in the band, I’m curious as to what my future holds. *grin*

I was deemed unusually huggable and then jinxed Syracuse. (w00t! I’m so glad Michigan won! For a bunch of reasons…) My drunk friend from the last show there left me alone, which was nice. Nothing makes me happier than freaky drunk guys not recognizing me.

Apparently, the laws in Woodstock (NY) are a wee bit relaxed when it comes to illegal substances. There was a guy openly selling shrooms, and the weed. Oh, dear Dog, the weed! Being smoked on the patio like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Which I suppose it is out there in the land of peace, love, and dirty hippies. (Seriously, the one guy really needed a bath. Or some deodorant. Maybe both. Oh, and a toothbrush.)

I headed back to the hotel reeking of smoke. Both tobacco and decidedly not tobacco. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I smelled was pot. It was so strong around me that I’m surprised I didn’t get high. Then, again, I might have been high when I went to bed this morning. The dreams I had certainly couldn’t have been the product of a sober brain.  I’m blaming the dreams on the pot fumes… NOT the JohnLock fan fic I read before bed, or the fact that I fell asleep watching Sherlock. Nope. Not at all.

(Suddenly, I’ve been leaning towards Parent!Lock… sweet, established relationship, with none of the smut or fluff. It seems like that’s the closest I can get to my brOPT!Lock sometimes, so I’ve been putting up with it for now.)

Did I just Sherlock a blog entry about Black Mountain Symphony?


Ovaries. Boom!

April 06, 2013 :: 1:55 PM


matt smith caught the cumberbooty!

I’m going to admit that I had a hard time warming up to Eleven… but I have come to adore him.

It would be boring if all the Doctor’s regenerations were exactly the same. However, you need to see that this is a continuation of the character, not a completely new one. I really do think Matt Smith does a good job of kind of capturing both Nine and Ten’s personalities while being himself. He’s got this dangerous undertone to him. Like he’s a nuclear bomb mere seconds from blowing up. At the same time, he’s also ridiculously childish. You can’t NOT love him in “Let’s Kill Hitler”. I mean, come on - this scene is pure brilliance on par with Ten’s “wibbly-wobbly’ speech from “Blink”:

“So sorry! Leg went to sleep. Just had a quick left leg power nap. I forgot I had one scheduled.
Actually, better sit down. I think I heard the right one yawning.”


There are some things I want to talk about that aren’t related to British TV, but I’m not ready to put them out here yet.

In time.


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