Jason Lawrence, I’ll miss you!

March 09, 2009 :: 9:42 PM


jason lawrence :: agganis arena, boston, ma :: march 8, 2009

The hubby looked at this photo - among others from the same game - and told me I should get more serious about the photography.

I’m working on it.

Wednesday AM, I hop on a flight to San Francisco.  I will not be wearing flowers in my hair.

I’m a little bummed that I backed out of scheduling extra time in town to explore and take pictures, but let’s face it.  The things I’m most likely to take photos of now don’t stand still in the perfect light of a sunny afternoon.  No, the things I’m most likely to take photos of now are hockey players and, oh I don’t know, crazy UCMB alumni and that band that I hang around with.  Bad lighting, fast movement, ponies. That sort of thing. That’s what I get excited about now.  Taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge? YAWN.

I do plan on taking lots of pictures while I’m in San Fran… but not of the scenery. I’m going to get my geek on hardcore. I’m spending two days at the GTD Summit.  (Long time readers will remember my obsession with The David and Getting Things Done.) 

Yup.  Two days of networking with other GTD’ers.  Meeting Steve Leveen (from Levenger!  *squee*) and Guy Kawasaki and Meg Edwards and Eric Mack and all my new little Twitter pals. I’m hoping that there’s a sh’load of photos being taken of me & important people.  I’m hoping I give out a buttload of


self-promotion cards.  And most importantly, I’m hoping that I do crawl far enough out of my shell and do some serious networking.

When I get back, there’s so much more to look forward to:
Hockey East quarterfinals, Instrument, Instrument, Instrument, Instrument, Instrument, Vermont… And I’ve got a birthday and some Twilight making fun of to do crammed in there as well. w00t! I’ve got more of a life this March than I have in several years combined.

I think it’s a good thing I’ve got GTD in my life - it’s going to be hard to juggle all my fun stuff with all my not-so-much-fun stuff. 

Bring. It. On.