So. That’s that, then.

October 27, 2014 :: 7:24 PM


Hmmmm… I guess I can talk about it. It’s not like it’s not public knowledge.

The work drama has come to an end.

My boss was let go this morning.

I suppose, I can feel relief that my comments to the GM/AGM were not the final nail(s) in the coffin. They’d already started looking for his replacement long before I got the nerve to say something.

A lot of people asked me how I was going to celebrate. A few people congratulated me on my promotion, which was pretty fucked up.

As much as I wish I was getting promoted, I’m happy that we’re getting in a new person who might be better suited for our needs and will take the time to groom me. I’m not ready to be the DoF in our current situation. I mean, I’ve only been there since January and I’ve never had much in the way of ‘real’ training. In fact, towards the end, I was reduced to a mere data-entry clerk.

I owe BK a huge hug and kiss… if he hadn’t let me talk / vent, I’d have been miserable for much longer. As it was, he sent me an email today after the bomb was dropped and asked me how I was doing. He’s good people. I’m glad I get to work with him.