Cheating on my lover

February 09, 2014 :: 1:26 PM

why is this so gay? you told me to write it!

I may have laughed a little too hard at that.


I suddenly have lost all hope in my favourite Mac repair shop.

Oh, wait. Let me rephrase that… the only place that repairs Macs and will touch something Apple deems “vintage”. Um, is seven years old really vintage? Four years out of AppleCare, yes, but vintage?

(BTW - I got curious to see what vintage actually means, and the British dictionary on my Mac (shut up), defines vintage as “denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind: a vintage Sherlock Holmes adventure.”) 

I may have laughed inappropriately hard at that as well.

Heh. I said “hard”.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, my sick vintage baby, is at a hospital where the doctors may not be particularly up to date on issues as simple to fix as a depressed power button.

No, not that kind of depressed. *rolls eyes*

I know how to fix it - the guy at the Genius Bar who wouldn’t/couldn’t fix it told me exactly what I needed to do. I need to remove all the guts from the casing so I can access the button and pop it back into place. I didn’t want to do that - it’s an awful lot of bits and tiny screws - and figured I’d pay someone to do that for me. Once I had a job.

The internet told me a different story, and that one turned out to be a lie. It actually made the button worse and now it’s so far down into the casing, it’s hitting the speaker.

So, I tell the Mac store people this, and they look at me like they’ve never heard of a power button that got used so much it fell into the casing. Really? On a seven year old laptop that’s used every day? A power button has never wiggled out of place? Maybe it just doesn’t happen in this area?

When I asked them about the USB 3.0 issue, I also got a blank eye stare. This is a well known issue. A very well known issue and google can prove it. 

Yet, they had no idea what I was talking about and then made it obvious that they thought I had no idea what I was talking about.

(And let’s not even get anywhere near the fact that the dude behind the counter talked to J as if I wasn’t there and as if he knew what was wrong with a computer he never touches.)

Today’s last ditch effort to fix it included digging out an old, self-powered, USB 1.0 hub and plugging the drive into that.

Yep. Using USB 1.0 to power a 3.0 drive. It’s working, though. I don’t know for how long, but it is. I suspect it may not be a problem with the Mac as much as it may be a problem with the drive itself. The Mac says it’s unreadable and if I say “ignore” instead of “eject”, I can see it in disk utility, but I can’t do anything with it. It’s under warranty under Seagate’s original warranty and then with the 2 year Staples plan I purchased. I just have to figure out where to store all my data before I do anything with the drive. (There’s a reason I bought something as irrationally big as 4TB…)


Have I even mentioned how much I hate our dependence on technology?

I mean, I love my iMac - I really do and I have two computers for a reason, but my MBP and I have been through so much that it feels like I’m cheating on my lover.


I’m not a big fan of that feeling. At all.