Three day weekend!

January 18, 2014 :: 9:09 AM

my life since june 2013

Ah… whenever I think I can’t love my job more, it gets better.

Yesterday, I got an event staff badge. That gives me free rein to walk around the arena when there’s something going on. Tonight, I have comp tickets for the BU game - mostly so J can come with me. In the future, though… WOO-HOO!

The finance staff went out to lunch yesterday and we had a blast. I really love those guys.

Making it even better? When the passes and ID badge holders were passed out, we got a pin with the company’s motto and university’s logo. As those were given to us, we were told the job required 17 pieces of flair. The three of us started to laugh, which made me wicked happy. Of course, I’m the oldest one, and probably the most experienced one, but I don’t care - especially since I’m going to take over my boss’s job. (There’s about a two year turnover, practically corporate dictated. I’m serious. Everyone has an eye on their particular prize, and oddly, it doesn’t cause ShortTimer’s. It’s weird to work in a place where it’s OK to talk about leaving if a position opens… but it’s also very cool to be open about where you want to go and what you want to do.)

I found my people. FINALLY. After two failed temping attempts and two failed full-time jobs…


Oh, fan fiction, you’re killing me.

30 days of Johnlock: filled with ideas, but I can’t get them out of my head and onto the page.

30 days of Marlas: no ideas, no inspiration

New Johnlock: started, outlined, stopped

NaNo Johnlock: about ready to search it for good, reusable bits and then trash it

Other people’s Johnlock: I AM SO SICK OF THE FIX-IT TAG, I WANT TO PUNCH A KITTEN. While this new series was all fan service (really, you can’t watch it and not think differently), it was kind of lacklustre and there were parts where it needed to be fixed. But fixing it doesn’t mean the vast amounts of crap I’ve been subjected to. Yeah, it would have been nice if there had been the grand sweeping gesture on the tarmac. Yeah, it would have been nice if there were drunken shenanigans. But, it’s like every single fan fic in my RSS feed is the same exact story. (Because it’s Johnlock, those missing scenes are required by law. I get it. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.)

This isn’t new to the fandom, either. I’ve stopped reading Post-Reichenbach tagged stories because they all follow the same plot: Sherlock fakes his jump, comes back, John punches him, they fall into bed. The end.

It’s old, it’s tired… it’s boring. (Said in a Moriarty voice. Obviously.)

As I’ve mentioned before, a friend talked me into reading Drarry fan fic. There’s so much more variety in those - although, I suppose that as I explore that world more, I’ll get bored, too.

In the meantime, I’ve read one where a time-turner like thing puts 17 year old Draco into 21 year old Harry Potter’s world. A world where Harry and Draco are together and little Draco can’t accept that… until he does. It’s both bittersweet and ridiculously funny. And annoyingly not finished.

My favourite one, so far, is a story that takes place after the War and the fall of Voldemort. In it, Draco has escaped persecution for his war crimes and has become a hermit with anxiety and depression. He’s also an author who has written this autobiographical best seller about his remorse for what he’s done (under a pseudonym, of course). He and Harry bump into each other at a masquerade ball and there’s instant connection between the two men and the story plays off the fact that they’re not aware of who the other one is beautiully. The story tells the tale of how they learn who the other is, their relationship, and how the past finally catches up to Draco. It’s a WIP, and I hope it ends well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t.


I need to finish Sara’s socks and then tell her I’m not coming back to the gym. Ever. As much as I liked working out, as much as I wanted to succeed at a GORUCK Challenge, it’s not financially feasible and I can see both my commute and the job getting in the way. I already don’t have the energy to do much when I get home. The idea of having to find the energy to work out is painful. It sucks, but sacrifices need to be made, and that’s the easiest one. Just like when I had to give up fencing. Twice.

Shit happens. If the past year has taught me anything, I’m strong enough to roll with it. It may not be pleasant, and it may be hard to roll at times, but I can do it. I have done it…

Depression lies, and I’m done listening to the crap it whispers in my ear. Done, I say!

The pay off? I’m very zen at work. VERY zen. It’s not like me to be so happy and chill at work… and maybe that will change, but for now, it’s coming in handy and helping me make my mark on the Finance department.

Life is good. Very good.