For fan fic, Jawn!

December 28, 2013 :: 8:44 PM

can you believe this counts as research?

If one is writing a prompt titled “gazing into each other’s eyes” one better make damn sure they know what colour eyes the characters are supposed to have.

And this is where the line between fiction and reality starts to blur. (Which is the never ending cause of friction between those of us who like to play with the characters and the actors who portray them.)

The problem with radio programmes is that you never see the characters. For example, Martin and Douglas are never truly described in “Cabin Pressure”, so we pull from what the voice actors look like. It gives us a good starting place and allows the fandom to at least agree on something…


arthur, douglas, carolyn, martin

john finnemore, roger allam, stephanie cole, and benedict cumberbatch

As any member of the Cumbercollective knows, Martin/Benedict’s eyes are blue/brown/gold/green/grey/silver. Or any combination thereof.

But the best part - and this is a real thing - is that Benedict has an eye freckle.

An. Eye. Freckle.

Dude. Seriously.

Look carefully at the picture.

Does this help?

And now, I have Douglas saying something like, “what the fuck is that on your eyeball, Martin? Is that a bloody freckle?!?!”

Ah, art…