Apparently, we’re picking out china patterns and naming the kids

July 30, 2013 :: 8:14 PM

i couldn’t imagine what that would feel like…

Oh vey!

My baby is all blinky and cranky and probably needs a very expensive hospital stay.

I know we’re already in $500 for new brakes, but I don’t know what’s causing the check engine light to light up my dashboard with it’s orangey glowy goodness.

Teh interwebs are full of Subies with this CEL issue, and they’re well under 50K. I guess I should be happy that my baby has made it to 109K… but orangey glowy goodness whilst speeding down the highway at *cough* miles per hour, isn’t probably, generally, something to be happy about no matter how old the car is.

I guess it’s time. I mean, even at 109K, my Subie’s still a baby, but shit needs to start breaking. Right? The circle of life and all that happy bullshit.


I guess I got a job just in time…

Speaking of:

At work today, the fawning over me started making me uncomfortable.

It’s like “I’m meeting the parents this weekend” uncomfortable.

I can’t help that I’m brilliant, and quick, and wicked fucking smart.

I get it.

I’m the best thing that happened to their accounting department in years.

But, dude, ignore Beyonce, OK?

Ain’t no need to be putting a ring on it.

We’re good as we are.