We broke Lestrade

July 28, 2013 :: 7:39 PM

even the spn actors are on crack

One of the Facebook Sherlock fan pages I like has an admin named Lestrade, and the worst thing that could ever happen to a Sherlockian just happened.

Lestrade discovered “Alone on the Water”.

Then, someone named Echo introduced Lestrade to the fucking video.

We did more than break Lestrade…

We fucking DESTROYED her.


In other news, I’ve taken a break from my Cabin Pressure fan fic because it’s bothering the fuck out of me and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s written in the style of the show, so each piece is a stand alone “episode”, but there’s just something off. (It doesn’t help that my wonderful proofreader didn’t like it because “it’s not funny”. I know the show is a comedy, but they do have lives outside of the episodes… my fic focuses on those.)

Since I have a physical need to write, I’ve decided to focus on my Johnlock case fic.

I suck at writing cases - there’s so much work involved to make something up and make it sound plausible that I decided (again) to take an interesting real life case and tweak it a bit to make it something that Sherlock might enjoy solving.

I was going to pick up the Zodiac, since it’s still unsolved, and then I got the great idea to combine it with the Son of Sam murders. Right now, I’m researching the two killers (thank you, Tru TV’s Crime Library!) and trying to figure out a way to have the Son of Zodiac(?)  terrorizing London.

My research led me to the fact that there were TWO Zodiac killers. One in San Fran (the real one) and one in NYC.

The best part of this?!?

The NYC guy got caught, but prior to his arrest, the media compared his crime spree to… The Son of Sam!


I get that the different countries have different laws regarding copyright and royalties, etc…

If someone wants to buy something from the UK iTunes store (or the US iTunes store, which is the more popular issue), you should just let them. Yeah, you run the risk of not getting your money (I’m sure there’s a lot of fraud), but the majority of people who want to cross borders to buy stuff, will pay for it.

If you don’t let us, we’ll just find ways around it.

There’s no end to the amount of creativity people will exercise to get their way, and it’s only a quick Google search away.

(And, of course, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with my earlier rants about the UK version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Top Gear” episode being VASTLY different from the version that aired on BBC America. Nope. Not at all…  It also has nothing to do with the Cumberbabe’s reading of “Jabberwocky” that’s only available in the UK iTunes store. Not. One. Bit.)