I don’t even know any more…

July 26, 2013 :: 8:06 PM

they forgot the apple pie

A few days ago, I had a major crisis of faith.


I’ve not really kept my job search nervousness a secret, and this week it blew up in my face.

Big time.

Like I said earlier, my boss is not the type of person I learn well from. It’s caused a lot of frustration and I think I snapped at him the other day. I don’t remember… all I know is I called a different company during lunch and wanted to know if they were still interested in me. They are.

So. Yeah.

I was thinking about leaving my new job to start another new job because I wasn’t sure I made the right decision and panicked.

Yesterday, I don’t know what happened, but it was like he knew.

He was great to deal with. He asked me if I was happy. He was fun. We bonded.

We talked about pr0n.

What? Don’t most people talk about pr0n with their boss during their second week at a new job?

Shit, on my fourth day in, I said I had to turn off my vibrator. (My cell phone wouldn’t stop vibrating - I was getting a shit ton of text alerts from the Weather Channel.)

(OH! How about writing “Ass Controller” instead of “Asst. Controller”? That kept me laughing today. Too bad he wasn’t in the office to know that. I also fell off my chair twice.)

So… now I’ve managed to go from hating this job and wanting to leave to loving it and wondering what the fuck is wrong with me.

I give up.