I am a “rabbit of negative euphoria”

June 02, 2013 :: 7:23 PM


countdown to twelve begins… now

It took me forever to get into Eleven, and once I started to love him… *poof* Two more episodes and it’s time for a new regeneration.

So much for being on series 8. So much for being under contract thru 2014.

I’m loving all the guessing as to who will become Twelve but the Cumberbabe should not even be considered.


I don’t care that Moftiss work(s?) on Who. The ‘babe belongs on Sherlock, and for more than just series three.

Kind of related:

My friend has been living under a rock for the past few years and is just now finally watching the Harry Potter movies. (He’s read the books, at least, so that’s something…) I kind of like his FB statuses about seeing the movies for the first time. It reminds me of getting into Doctor Who, and Sherlock, The Hunger Games and, well, basically every fandom I’m a part of on tumblr. Watching the new kids join Teh Crazy, becoming one of the new kids… It’s a rite of passage almost and I’m glad I’m a part of it. I mean,  it’s kind of awesome, really. I suppose it’s what parents feel when they watch their kids exploring the world for the first time. 

Instead of prepping for tomorrow’s phone screen, I’m writing fan fic. Cabin Pressure this time.

What can I say? I’ve decided I like playing in other people’s sandboxes.