November 28, 2012 :: 1:44 PM

I was expecting a lot out of a $300 backpack.

It came last night and it’s definitely a tough mother. It should be - it’s been field tested at the GORUCK Challenge. There’s a small matter of having to carry 6 bricks in it during the Challenge, losing “strap privileges”, and all other kind of fun things which put a lot of stress on the various parts of the bag. I’ve seen the pictures. Those bags get beat up and they look even better after a good hose-down (scroll down to the bottom).

I’m meeting with a trainer tonight who has heard of the GRC, and she’s actually excited to help train me. It’s a CrossFit gym, and to be honest, the thought of working out at a CrossFit scares the crap out of me. But, research has shown it’s the best workout to do if you want to survive the GRC. So I’ll suck it up.

I still can’t put into words WHY I want to do this, but J doesn’t think I’ve totally lost my mind for wanting to do it. That’s a good thing…

The goal now is Salem, MA at the end of May… but the only reason it’s been pushed off twice now is due to other commitments. If it gets pushed off again it will because of timing. I want to make sure I’m ready for this - physically. I can’t guarantee mentally, but then again, I can never control what goes on in my head. My body is another matter.