Productive geekery

May 06, 2012 :: 11:15 AM

All of my expiring domains are being moved to a new registrar.

All of my old blogs have been moved to my local server, here in the house.

This very blog has moved to a new host.

I’m designing a new site, tumblr-like, in EE 2, just because I can. It (like my real tumblr account) will hold stuff that is important to me, but I don’t want here. I’m hoping that Pinterest (and possibly ravelry) has an API I can use to bring my posts there into the blog. I’m definitely using a new public twitter account that will pull into the new site, too. It’s been so long since I’ve actually worked on a site from the ground up that I’m finding myself less interested in the graphics (which is odd) and more into the programming. It might have something to do with the pain in the ass my MAMP / PHPMyAdmin install was on the localhost… but the sites work, so I did something right. (Pwning Terminal FTW!!!!)

I’ve managed to whittle down a 100+ song Violate fan mix to 36 songs, so I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve even got the songs in episode order, more or less. I actually made it for someone, as part of an “YOU NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW!!!!!” care package. I’m bummed I didn’t get to give it to them yet, but I’m glad I have the extra time to really refine the playlist.

I turned in all my homework early today, so I am all about working on the new site… after I drag J to see “The Hunger Games”. I just finished rereading it - for the third time - and want to see if I can find the differences that caused one friend to go on an angry twenty minute cuss fest. (Of course, said friend is looking forward to “Catching Fire”, so they can’t be too pissed off.)

I may take the summer off from classes - my only option is to leave work at noon on Thursdays and take a class in Manchester. It might be worth losing a Saturday or Sunday if I need to make up the hours. My change in meds has made being online after work harder than usual… the eyestrain is ridiculous. If I don’t take the class on Thursdays, I’m stuck until the fall semester. Everything hangs on me taking this stupid prereq, and they never seem to offer it!!!!

Oh well… it is what it is and it will be what it will be. Can’t do anything about it, so I might as well just move on.