Waiting. Watching. Drinking for ya, baby.

October 28, 2011 :: 10:25 PM

You knew what you wanted… You knew what you needed… I wasn’t a part of it… Even though I really wanted to be

I was reminded today that Dave died in 2002 of a brain aneurysm… so, I have Spring Heeled Jack running through my head.

Anyhoo - it’s time for a little bit of randomness.

1) I’m blogging again at somewhere that’s not here. The idea is to take little snippets of fiction that don’t belong anywhere and stick ‘em there. Possibly to share with That Person. Possibly to share with other writerly type people. I dunno, yet. It’s still too new.

2) The Number Crunching Ninja has hired a Jr. Ninja!!! A panel of four made a unanimous decision, so she better work out. I set up her desk today. A whole lot of cool, and a whole metric shit ton of scary. I’m still really doubting my ability to manage someone. I do have “the social skills of a nat” (sic) after all.

3) Someone out there has my EXACT NAME and is wreaking havoc with my life. Seriously - how many people out there can possibly have my combination of first, middle and last names? Granted, all the necessary credit checks, password resets, and phone calls proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s NOT identity theft. Not that living with a completely fucked up coincidence is even better. I’m really glad that she settled with the collection agency about her debt to a spa. I’m sorry the furniture store is sending her to collections. I’m sorry that her bank is closing her account due to inactivity (Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with the furniture? durdee dur.) And I’m really, really, really sorry that she has such FUCKING bad taste in movies. (Blockbuster Express made it a little too easy to change her password. Whoops.)

4) Along the same realm - there’s another me (at least first and last name), who’s apparently having marital problems. I finally had to email her husband (ex?) and tell him he was sending his pleas to the wrong person.

5) And more!!!! Your email address at gmail is considered your email address, no matter how it’s spelled.  GoodAdvices @ gmail dot com (I don’t know if it exists - ain’t mine) could easily be Good.Advices or g.o.o.d.a.d.v.i.c.e.s. They will ALL redirect to the main gmail account. That could easily explain why I’m getting these other people’s emails, but it’s still annoying. It also results in more spam than one person could ever possibly sort through.

6) BU’s hockey season is depressing so far. Makes me wonder why Millan is still Parker’s go-to guy. I think his freshman year was a fluke. He hasn’t played to expectations since the National Championship year.

7) Watched UConn’s hockey team lose to Merrimack. (MERRIMACK!) Of course, fifty-five minutes in penalties, and losing two guys to game misconducts will do that to a team. That was a bullshit game. How bullshit? Benedetto was on UConn’s side all night. Just proves that T. Low should have stayed a linesman. He was a terrible linesman, too.

8) It’s only midterms and I’ve already lost all interest in being back in school. I don’t think I’m going to do a very good job on the midterm this weekend. It’s an online exam, and while I have three hours to do it, I’m terrified that we’ll lose power or something while I’m in the middle of it. If something happens before you’ve submitted the exam, you’re essentially fucked. (It’s not like they’re forecasting a Nor’easter or anything for this weekend…)

9) I’m breaking up with Every. Single. Person. in my life who is not watching “American Horror Story”. Even J is not exempt from this. This is the most amazing, creepy, well-written show on TV in forever. (Yes, I do believe I love it more than SPN right now. Nothing against SPN, but this show is really good.) Most amazing is that the douche who brought us that shitshow “Glee” is behind it. I can almost forgive him for that. Almost.

10) I’m totally in love with Tate. TOTALLY. Not only is he adorable, but he does this innocent / creepy thing well. AND THE RUBBER SUIT. OH MY GOD. I practically crapped myself when he pulled the mask off. (How cute is Evan Peters? Someone said that he reminds them of a young Malcom McDowell - circa “A Clockwork Orange”. While I was quite fond of the movie and can see the similarities, I see Rick Allen when I look at his current IMBD picture.)