The David and teh Dork

November 10, 2007 :: 1:27 AM

with david allen :: boston road map :: november ninth two thousand seven

So, I got to commune with one of my heroes today, David Allen.  His Getting Things Done system, GTD, has literally changed my life. So worth it to sit in the same room as him and listen to him bring his book to life.  The Q & A sessions are always worth the price of admission as well. Plus, there was the reception for Connect members afterwards.  And, of course, I had to have him autograph my copy of “Ready for Anything”.

I met a guy named Julian - who took this picture & emailed it to me (Thanks!!!!!!) - and a guy named Wayne.  Wayne was cool - had some high powered gov’ment job in Utah and serves as a Mormon Bishop.  I had a bazillion questions for him on that, but I kept to the PC, “so are you going to do anything fun while you’re in the Hub” thing.  I did crack him up - told him that if he was going to do the tourist thing he had to go to “Fenway Park, no I’m sorry that’s Fenway Pahk.”  (Coming from Connecticut, I don’t have the accent. I’ve been told that CT is the place where accents go to die - I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds about right.)  He was amused I’d busted out the fake accent because he hadn’t heard it yet.  Fake Bah-stin accents, just one more service I provide.

I’m so happy I went, even if Jamie (or the poor co-worker that got sent with me) don’t get it.  They don’t need to understand my addiction, they just need to support it.  *grin*