From the mouths of adorable drunk guys

October 21, 2011 :: 11:58 AM

HIM: Are you happy?

ME: Yeah. I make good money, I have season tickets to my favorite hockey team, and I have the freedom to see my favorite band whenever and wherever I want.

HIM: You have such passion. You should do something with that passion. (He said something here, but I have NO IDEA what it was and then he yelled)... INDIE MUSIC!

Yeah… I should do something with my passion for indie music, since it ended so well the last time. He knows how it ended, too, so that was a bit of a surprise.

It’s a shame he was so ‘faced that he doesn’t remember that conversation. I’d love to know what he said.


Also - all of BMS uses the word “wiener” to describe the male genitalia, except for Rollz who called it a “cock” once before reverting back to “wiener”. Coming from a group of friends who yell “PENIS!” at each other, it’s kind of a refreshing change. (And that conversation about Ron Jeremy’s killer wiener makes me want to trade my stick in for an automatic… I suppose I need to see that movie now. *shudders*)