Five minutes? Why not?!

October 17, 2011 :: 7:59 PM

So, that someone who asked for me to send him some of my writing has promised to reciprocate. I’m still waiting on him…

But in the meantime, I’m working on another piece of my own. I don’t feel that the chick lit stuff I usually spew during NaNo is up to par with the piece I previously sent, so I’m writing a new one.

Writing what I know has turned into a ‘tribute’ of a night that will probably live in infamy. Yes, for those in the know—it’s a rehashing of the infamous “Five Minutes” night. Some of the details will change a bit since he knows all the major players, and there will be some more contemporary things specific to a couple of my conversations with him, but it’s time to put that damn ticking clock behind me.

The weird thing is that as I was re-reading his email to me about how well I write (I needed a pep talk), this song came on that “Five Minutes” Man’s band covered. Spooooooooooooooooooky!

The other weird thing is that I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy a lot lately. Holy cow! It’s like every single song is about love gone wrong. At least two that I’ve noticed are about cheating and there are a few about one-night stands.

Considering the whole “Five Minutes” conversation, it’s oddly fitting… even though nothing explicitly named in that conversation happened IRL, the story is going to take the “why not” approach.

Should be an interesting tale… Cathartic, at the very least.