September 27, 2011 :: 8:42 PM


blogger boobiethon begins october 1st!


I know some of you hate the pink. Some of you have issues with Komen.

SOME of you even hate boobies.

I don’t give two shits.

Breast cancer has now affected my “sister’s” mom, my mother’s cousin, and one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I’m in a fighting mood this year. More than usual.

There’s a couple of new people reading this who are about to learn something about me… and I’m not sorry if this changes your perception of me:

I share pictures of my boobies as well as open my wallet every year.

As I’ve said in the past,  Anyhoo, with the exception of one year, I’ve been involved ever since. I’ve given my cash, my time, and yes, my rack.

Seriously, it’s quite astonishing to realize that my boobies have been made available on teh interweb since 2002. It’s not something I would normally do and I’m never quite 100% with posting pictures of The Girls online, but…  I look at it like this: if some guy wants to pony up $50 to see a picture of my nekkid boobies, then more power to him. Give the cash to a good cause and enjoy the view. It’s just skin. At the end of the day, I still have my boobies. Thousands of men and women aren’t so lucky.

I’m photo editing this year, which is always… interesting. Sometimes, you see the survivors’ pictures with their scary scars and heart breaking stories, sometimes you see what can’t possibly be god given, and sometimes, you see normal, boring everyday boobies. This isn’t about sex, or indecent exposure, or soft core pr0n, or whatever other label you want to slap on it.

This is about breast cancer.

We just chosen to package our fundraising efforts a little differently.