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April 28, 2019 :: 7:32 PM

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I’ve been known to do some random, completely out of character shit sometimes.

I’ve also been known to do some random, completely IN character shit sometimes.

I’m not sure which situation is worse…

I have, however, decided that the mere utterance of the phrase “FUCK IT!” is a harbinger of A. Very. Bad. Decision.

I had a grade-A FUCK IT! moment in the car on Saturday.

Despite having more than enough time to prepare for the half marathon, I decided to look at a training plan a good friend recommended. He did run the Boston Marathon, after all. His advice is… well, it’s something I’ve been paying a lot of attention to.

I’d worked out that I could do a training plan that started with a 5K and ran me through a half by NOVEMBER. By March, I’d be able to run a marathon. I’m going to figure out how to go from March to January so that in 2021 I CAN complete the Dopey.

So, that thing about being ready for a half in November?

My friend is going down to run the Two Course Challenge during Wine & Dine Weekend.

That’s a 10K and a Half. Completely do-able by the dates of the runs.

And I want to see her, so…

FUCK IT! I’m going to register for the Challenge.

(And then, the voice of reason said that the cost of a hotel room was prohibitive and there will be no fucking of the it. This time.)

However, the Fairy Tale Challenge is calling my name, and I’ve already decided that I’m doing the Rival Run / Kessel Run Challenges in April.

All that to say, we were at the Orlando Informer Meet Up last night and I met probably the most ridiculously extroverted person I have EVER come across.

She is a twelve time Dopey finisher and she and her mother are Disney race experts.


We talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked… and now I have a new friend.

Who can help my ass survive the races.

I’ll take it.


- - - - - - - - -

Speaking of running…

The PHRC is doing its spring Quidditch cup competition in the beginning of May. It’s a virtual race (of course) whose miles are logged on Racery, which makes it a little different from all the other races. There are are nineteen teams and the idea is to log over 3K miles over the two weeks.

I am not a runner (yet), so I didn’t make a house team. I did however join a Dementor team. Dementors are meant to lap the house teams and cost them miles. It’s all in fun, but just the idea of Quidditch is bringing out a competitive side of me that I didn’t really know existed.

At least not where exercising was concerned. *grin*

Up next: The Dopey (ha ha ha)

April 18, 2019 :: 6:44 PM

i should probably read this :: walt disney world half marathon :: january 2020

I’ve done a lot of walking, but I haven’t actually run yet. At all.

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for runDisney to announce that registration was open for Marathon weekend, but when the email came today, the 5K and 10K were already sold out.

I did, of course, the most logical thing a non-runner could do: I signed up for the half marathon.

I am a fucking idiot.

Unfuck you.

April 05, 2019 :: 7:38 PM

oh, this annoying little shit… i lurve him so much





I was a little pissed off when I took the new job to find out it was hourly AFTER I had worked a 50 hour week without blinking an eye. And got busted for it.

Seriously, telling a person your salary is going to be $XXXXX means your SALARY is $XXXXX. It’s better to tell a person that they’ll be hourly based on a salary of $XXXXX. Because, that makes a biiiiiiiiig difference. Just sayin’...

Of course, someone’s smiling on me because overtime has (FINALLY) been authorised and I’m up to 95 hours during a two week pay period. Fifteen of those at time and a half. So, yeah. The sun is shining.

The best part of all that OT?

I didn’t even fucking blink when I paid for two days at MegaCon and the associated hotel stay. I get to meet DAVID FUCKING TENNANT and Mark Sheppard.

AND John Barrowman is going to be there. BARROWMAN!

I paid for two days in Orland to meet two people and be molested by Barrowman for the fourth time. AND I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED.

I may have filled the cup. More than once.

Speaking of cup filling… Florida Supercon has Nick Frost, Jason Isaacs, Felicia Day, John Cusack, Barry Bostwick and Patricia Quinn, Josh Grelle (English dub voice of Katsuki Yuuri *mmmmmm*)

I paid for one day in Miami to (basically) fawn over Josh Grelle and meet Jason Isaacs (because fuck John Cusack).

I’m trying to make Florida home. Doing my favourite things makes it tolerable.