I’m never getting naked again.

March 23, 2018 :: 11:07 PM

patterns for pirates - peg legs

OK. So.

This has now become a sewing blog.

I don’t really like spandex much. Or leggings.


I got obsessed with the idea that I needed to make myself some spandex pants with pockets.


Yeah, there’s a few holes (bad seams, an incident with a seam ripper), the waistband is rolling, the legs were too long… but I managed to not fuck up the pockets too badly and they fit pretty well all things considered.

Thing of note: spandex with wicked fucking hard to work with.Definitely not my brightest idea to start with.

Tomorrow, the man is working which means I’ll probably be sewing.

I do have a shirt to make. Ideally, I want it done for next casual Friday.


March 18, 2018 :: 9:28 AM

stitch jammies!

Pyjamas and pillows - practice makes perfect.

To date I’ve made a Doctor Who pillow, a Hogwarts crest pillow, those froot loops pjs from an earlier entry, and these. I’m already bored with pyjama pants, but woven cotton is supposedly easier to sew with and pjs are an easy pattern to cut and assemble. (Also, the character wovens available at JOANN? I’m in love with all of them.)

For me right now, it’s all about practice… and I need it. You do not want to see the fucking mess I made out of the Stitch pj waistband. Granted, it was a different pattern from the first pair of jammies but I was dying to use it because I didn’t have to try and force the elastic through the casing; it was sewn directly onto the pants.

Stretching elastic and sewing straight? Yeah… not as easy as the interwebs make it look. I’m going to need to make more pants… and I have some more awesome Doctor Who fabric to do it with.

I have been buying patterns and knit fabrics (think t-shirts) for my next project (or several) and I can’t wait.

I was able to find some Marauders’ Map knit fabric and I’m SO EXCITED to use it to make a shirt. I’m also terrified to cut into it. I see a bunch of shirts in the same style in my closet. All made long before I get the balls to use that fabric…

I’m finding that it’s almost better to buy PDF patterns online because people post SO many pictures of what they’ve made. I had a hard time finding store bought patterns that fit the ideas in my head and this seems to work. There’s a lot of feedback on how to tweak the PDF patterns and I’m loving it…

What I’m NOT loving is actually assembling the patterns. I ended up sending some of them to a local blueprint printer to have them printed, so I didn’t have to burn through an entire ream of paper and then tape all the sheets together. Of course, that couldn’t be as simple as it sounded. No. I wanted to pick them up so that I could make sure the pattern printed the correct size and I tried twice. They were closed both times. They finally ended up delivering them to me. I haven’t seen the charge on my card, so I’m pretty sure they were given to me.  I think the total cost was like $5, so they probably didn’t lose any money on the deal.

But then, I actually had to cut out the pattern and make the clothing. After the hell I went through to get the patterns printed, I decided to copy them onto a clear shower curtain liner. SLIPPERY! Even with bricks and taking my time, I still had problems tracing. And then, I cut away part of the Sharpie outline, so when I put the pattern on the fabric, I couldn’t quite find the cut line.



I finally figured it out and I got those suckers sewn together. And. I. Am. In. Love.

These pants are so much more comfortable than the froot loop ones and I like the fabric better.

I can’t wait until I’m a little more confident and start making my own cosplay. Or at the very least, clothes I like in styles that actually fit me well.

I’m not crying. I’m chopping onions.

March 10, 2018 :: 8:23 AM

Before I begin this post - two caveats:

1) Trigger warning for the school shooting in Parkland

2) In NO WAY do my comments have anything to do with my employer, are not sanctioned by them, and are wholly my own.

We good? Good.

Bring on the onions.


The first home game after the shooting was on the 22nd - the boys had been on the road and it was probably harder on some of them than it was on us. I couldn’t imagine being that far away and knowing that this happened in the place you call home.

We reacted both publicly and privately. The private stuff is nobody’s business, but the public stuff says more than enough. I’m mostly posting these here so I don’t lose them, but I thought they were important enough to share. (If you don’t want to watch them, that’s OK. Make sure you go all the way to the end of this entry, though. I have a great survivor story to cheer you up.)

This is the video they showed before the game. I think everyone in the arena was crying. I know I was.

LOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU! Eloquent and heartfelt, the starting goalie proves that there is more to life than the game.

Moeller’s speech This is beautiful… and watching the lights with the students’ names come on and go off was so much more powerful than mere words can portray.

Honouring MSD. We do what we can and sometimes it still doesn’t feel like enough.

Around the arena on game night. Staff wore SD t-shirts to show solidarity with the school and to remind people that this wasn’t about the Cats, but instead about our territory, our community.

MSD Hockey meets Lord Stanley... and Thorty proves that there really is a old players’ tale that you shouldn’t touch the Cup if you ever want to win it. He won two Cups - one with Bruins (!!!) - and is more than OK with touching it.

Finally, an uplifting tale:

One of the higher ups in event services has a son who goes to school at MSD. The boy texted his mother to let her know that there was a shooter in the school and that he was OK. He then passed his phone around so his classmates could contact their parents. When asked why he was the only one with a cell phone at the time, he shrugged. He then admitted they had an exam that period and even though they were supposed to turn the phones in before the exam, he had it on him because he was cheating.

This is possibly unrelated, but I think it’s the perfect ending to this post.
One Territory

I love my job, and I’m proud of the NHL shield on my business card, but it’s moments like this that - despite the utter heartbreak that we were all experiencing - prove I made the right decision, even though I’ve doubted it from time to time. (And no. I didn’t say that in case this shows up in Google. I meant it. I mean it. I will probably always mean it, even if I move on from the team.)

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