Of Cricket Bats and Popes

May 09, 2017 :: 9:32 PM


I have to write this down so I don’t forget it:

My company needs to file a tangible asset tax return and our legal counsel came out to talk to the CFO.

Our CFO wasn’t totally paying attention and she wanted to know what was a tangible asset. He looks at her and deadpans, “Cricket bats.”

She wasn’t expecting that and asked him how many cricket bats a person can go through in a certain time period. He told her several - they get pretty beat up. She started to wonder about how a cricket bat was a tangible asset and not a personal expense.

Once she realised he was playing wth her, she said something about wondering how she wanted to book it. He told her the exact journal entry she would need to write.

We were all laughing at her shock that he told her how to do her job.

Then things calmed down and she came out to say that Pope Benedict got transferred to a new branch office. The controller didn’t hear her and he asked who was going to be doing the tax return. The CFO responded with, “You didn’t hear? Pope Benedict offered to do the return for us.”

I work in a loony bin and I’m loving it.

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