And this is why we don’t play charades…

December 07, 2013 :: 1:09 PM

We’re discussing our pre-game dinner when J decides he wants to play charades.

J: holds up five fingers

me: Five

J: points at self

me: Pussies?

J: flips the bird

me: Five pussies fuck me? That’s a hell of a restaurant!

Happy Silver Fox Saturday!

December 07, 2013 :: 8:55 AM

just like a fine wine, that one…

It’s still not real that I accepted that job.

It’s still not real that I’m working for a large international company.

It’s still not real that I’m going to be back in the world that I loved so much.

There’s a world of difference between working for a hockey team in a rink that’s managed by someone else to working for that rink manager, but a lot of the perks are the same. I still get to walk around the rink when I’m having a bad day. I still get to experience that smell that is uniquely ice. I still get to experience everything I liked so much about working for the Storm.


I had the most terrifying dream about my father last night.

It may have even been worse than the one where I find him dead in his apartment…

My father had a Facebook account.

I know you’ve seen the Lamebook posts, or the ones that go viral in your FB newsfeed, you know, the ones with the parents from hell. The ones that overshare. The ones that think they’re funny.


My dad would totally be that guy. And he’d be VERY active on my account. Like a little kid in need of constant attention.



December 06, 2013 :: 4:26 PM

yeah, well, apparently it’s against the law to chin the chief superintendent

To go all tumblr fangirl: John punches the Chief Superintendent so he can be with Sherlock. Then, they get handcuffed together and Sherlock holds a gun to John’s head calling him his “hostage” before they run away. Say all you want about the crazy Johnlock shippers, we’re not necessarily pulling this relationship out of thin air… some of us just choose to take it in a different direction instead of what was (supposedly) intended. [Insert reminder that Freeman himself has called Sherlock “the gayest show on television”.]


Let’s get on to the real news shall we?

Since my last post on December 1st, I had two interviews back to back.

The first one this week was my third with the company I’ve turned down twice. I’m glad I decided to hear them out, because I would have taken the job in a heartbeat had it been offered to me again. They completely rewrote the job description and I joked that it was like they went down my resume line by line. It definitely wasn’t the same position I was offered the first two times. However, nothing changed the fact that I would have been in the same exact position I was in when I was let go by SG: 3rd in command, running the financial show, overly large fish in a ridiculously small pond. It’s not really where I wanted to be, but it was a good alternative if plan A didn’t work out.

(Plan A, of course, being the nearly impossible task to obtain a job at a large international company.)


The second interview this week killed the first company’s chances at landing me.

I accepted the offer today (verbally, but I do have a signed offer letter sitting next to me… I’m waiting for one more piece of info before I send it on), so I guess I can talk about it.

I’m going to be the staff accountant for a ridiculously massive international company that wants to expand into Europe. Why they haven’t yet, I don’t know, but the plan is there and I have no doubt it’s going to happen during my life time. Anyhoo, this company manages arenas, conference centres, etc. They manage UConn’s football stadium and the Hartford Civic Center among a gazillion others, but I will be working at an arena on a college campus about a half hour from here in MA. A college where their main sport is hockey and they are in the same league as Boston University.

So. Basically. I’ll be working in an ice rink. (At a college, even.)


Have I mentioned yet that my life seems to be circling around? That this how I started my professional life elebenty zillion years ago?

They loved me from the get go - even though my current resume says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about my experience in college hockey, nor the NHL, nor even the ECHL. I’m not quite sure what it was about me, but the interview solidified that they loved me, that they wanted me, that they had to have me. OK. Maybe that bit’s a little exaggerated, but that’s what it felt like. When I brought out that experience, I knew I was wearing my “hockey face” and I knew I was in contention for the position.

When they asked if I would be open to relocation, I told them point blank that it depended on the city since it’s not just my decision. Then, I told the truth: I knew they were looking to expand to Europe and we would move there in a heartbeat. I’d prefer the UK, but I’m open to any where. They do a lot of promotion from within, relocation, all that good happy crap, and it was awesome to know we were on the same page with my GTFOOTUSP. (Hee hee… that looks funny. Maybe I should have written it out: “Get The Fuck Out Of The United States Plan.”)

Seriously. They didn’t look bothered by that at all. WOOO! But, also, they own a pro hockey team. How awesome would it be to be back in the NHL if that’s where life decided to take me? It’s not my endgame at all, but it wouldn’t be a terrible career path to go down.

And then they mentioned the money.

Less than I was making in NH, substantially less than I need to make if I take a job in MA. But the benefits… THE BENEFITS.

1) International company.
2) Looking to expand in Europe.
3) Huge discount on my cable/phone/internet.
4) 401(k) with match (!!!!)


That never happens.

I’m not expecting to make up the shortfall with overtime, but it’s a nice, unexpected, bonus. I mean, there’s a possibility for quite a bit in the beginning - there’s two new accountants and a new Director of Finance and accountants normally work more than 40 hour weeks during month and year end, but who knows how well-oiled a machine the finance department will be after a while?

So, when they offered me the job yesterday, the first thing out of the guy’s mouth was that he had to take the chance and offer it to me even though the money wasn’t there.

I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been unemployed for so long… swallowing the pay cut was made a lot easier by realising that we could afford it since we’d been living on one salary and the tiny bit the state sends me every week. It was still a very difficult decision even though I knew deep down there was no way I wasn’t taking it. Everything circles back and all… I’ve completely gone full circle: college ice rink, white Subaru, New England. It’s mind blowing to be completely honest.

I don’t start until January 2nd, so it’s going to be a long three weeks, but I finally feel 100% confident that I accepted the right position.

Thank. Fucking. Dog.


In other job related news, I left that terrible temp job. The recruiter accused me of being difficult the entire time I was there. (All 5 days! Wow. I must really be a huge asshole since I was looking out for my best interests…) Eh, whatever.

Happy December!

December 01, 2013 :: 1:24 PM

worst incomplete sentence in the history of forever

You burned up a sun to say good-bye to her, Ten. You could have manned up and finished the damn sentence! I suppose we should take comfort in the fact that your meta-crisis regeneration, Ten!Two, was finally able to complete the sentence for Rose… Jackass.

(I’m in a mood. J finally got to see me break down and watch how I’ve managed to spend my entire unemployment crying on the couch and feeling sorry for myself instead of doing the dishes and important shit like that. Bipolar’s a bitch. I wish I could take anti-depressants to get out of the funk I’ve been almost permanently in since February, but that would just make everything worse.)


So… My Johnlock is finished. 54K words of horrendously ridiculous, terribly out of character, makes me want to vomit, Johnlock. I can’t figure out how to end it, so I’m going stop writing it for now. Maybe I’ll print all 200 pages and work on it in a bit. Pen and paper tend to help when I need to do serious revisions.

But the big news is, I got some really constructive feedback on PARIS! and have found someone to beta/proofread my new Cabin Pressure stuff. *happy dance*


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