No. More. Excuses.

October 03, 2013 :: 10:17 AM

the white shirt of seduction…

I’m going to focus my job searching efforts on the UK today.

Despite my burning desire to finally suck it up and do it, I’m terrified.

Abso-fucking-lutely terrified.

But it’s time.

For whatever reason, I’ve given myself different goals to achieve by my 40th birthday… and I’ve let most of them go. (Building the camp on the land was the hardest. Buying a BMW probably isn’t going to happen judging from the hole we’re digging…)

Except for London. I don’t want to give up on that.

So… here we go. Fingers crossed!


But it’s what I want!

October 02, 2013 :: 1:36 PM

my fucking heart just broke into a zillion pieces

Had an interview today where they were looking for someone with cost/manufacturing/inventory experience.

I have none of that. I’m not even sure why I was presented for the position…

But I want to be a cost accountant. To do that, I need manufacturing and inventory experience.

It’s a vicious fucking circle, ain’t it?


Got this in my email today:

Hi jankins,

I’ve eventually got your new note about the meeting on this week end. I perhaps might not be in a position to can come this time because of work load in work place.

Just in case you are planning for a meetup then inform me I most certainly will be almost completely free because my task is finishing in three to four days.

Give my love to the little children right from my side.

See ya.

Now, I’m even getting Tammy Jankins’ spam.

Brilliant. (At least it was relatively amusing.)


While I’m making fun of other people’s command - or lack thereof - of the English language, I have to poke fun at myself.

Yesterday’s interview went relatively well, but when I wrote about it in the paper journal, I wrote that, “I misunderestimated the amount I needed to prep for that interview.”


What the everloving fuck is wrong with me?!? At least I didn’t say it during an interview.



Life goes on. And the earth continues to spin around the sun. I think.

(My favorite line from Sherlock fits here nicely: “Oh hell, what does it matter?! So we go round the sun - if we went round the moon or… round and round the garden like a teddy bear, it wouldn’t make any difference.”)

I get up, I put on pants, I feed myself… every day is a victory.

I can live with that.

Beverly! Beverly! BEVERLY!

October 01, 2013 :: 3:41 PM

he’s touching me, jawn. save me, jawn

Just watched - for the 8 billionth time - the unaired Sherlock BBC pilot. There’s so much more I love about it than the one that actually aired, even though it’s a half hour shorter than the aired one.

They joke on tumblr that after seeing the original version, the decision was made to make it “less gay”.

Personally, I think when they made it an hour and a half long, they put in more opportunities for the intense eye sex between the two men.

But that’s just me.


I’m having a pretty good run - two recruiters and three companies have / will interview me by the end of tomorrow. I passed up an interview, too.

It hurt to pass up that interview… it was for a state college with a good business program and one of the perks was free tuition.

Unfortunately, the amount of the pay cut I had to endure didn’t make the tuition savings a decent trade off.

Besides… I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m done fucking around. I was supposed to go to Boston University. I STILL want to go to BU.

If I’m going to invest all that time and energy getting an MBA, that piece of paper is going to say Boston University on it, or what’s the point?


Jenn’s funeral is Thursday, but I’m going to CT on Friday, and possibly Sunday. Maybe I’ll swing by the cemetery and pay my respects on my own.

Logan’s sweater is DONE. DONE. DONE. DONE. Next on deck: socks for Heather and a project (to be determined) for Clumpy. Plus, you know, finish all those WIPs that have been hanging out forever.

Black Mountain Symphony show on Friday - Manchester, CT to Manchester, VT… that takes me through NH, MA, CT, VT. Four states in a day. That sounds about right. *grin*

My Cabin Pressure trilogy was an honest to goodness trilogy, and then, it went kablooey. We’re back up to four parts. And that’s AFTER I took out every thing that didn’t need to be there. I guess I just need to accept the fact that this is the way the story is going to be told, and fuck all my rewrites.


By the way, still alive. Still doing fine.

As if there were any doubt I’d come out the other side.

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