Apparently, we’re picking out china patterns and naming the kids

July 30, 2013 :: 8:14 PM

i couldn’t imagine what that would feel like…

Oh vey!

My baby is all blinky and cranky and probably needs a very expensive hospital stay.

I know we’re already in $500 for new brakes, but I don’t know what’s causing the check engine light to light up my dashboard with it’s orangey glowy goodness.

Teh interwebs are full of Subies with this CEL issue, and they’re well under 50K. I guess I should be happy that my baby has made it to 109K… but orangey glowy goodness whilst speeding down the highway at *cough* miles per hour, isn’t probably, generally, something to be happy about no matter how old the car is.

I guess it’s time. I mean, even at 109K, my Subie’s still a baby, but shit needs to start breaking. Right? The circle of life and all that happy bullshit.


I guess I got a job just in time…

Speaking of:

At work today, the fawning over me started making me uncomfortable.

It’s like “I’m meeting the parents this weekend” uncomfortable.

I can’t help that I’m brilliant, and quick, and wicked fucking smart.

I get it.

I’m the best thing that happened to their accounting department in years.

But, dude, ignore Beyonce, OK?

Ain’t no need to be putting a ring on it.

We’re good as we are.

We broke Lestrade

July 28, 2013 :: 7:39 PM

even the spn actors are on crack

One of the Facebook Sherlock fan pages I like has an admin named Lestrade, and the worst thing that could ever happen to a Sherlockian just happened.

Lestrade discovered “Alone on the Water”.

Then, someone named Echo introduced Lestrade to the fucking video.

We did more than break Lestrade…

We fucking DESTROYED her.


In other news, I’ve taken a break from my Cabin Pressure fan fic because it’s bothering the fuck out of me and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s written in the style of the show, so each piece is a stand alone “episode”, but there’s just something off. (It doesn’t help that my wonderful proofreader didn’t like it because “it’s not funny”. I know the show is a comedy, but they do have lives outside of the episodes… my fic focuses on those.)

Since I have a physical need to write, I’ve decided to focus on my Johnlock case fic.

I suck at writing cases - there’s so much work involved to make something up and make it sound plausible that I decided (again) to take an interesting real life case and tweak it a bit to make it something that Sherlock might enjoy solving.

I was going to pick up the Zodiac, since it’s still unsolved, and then I got the great idea to combine it with the Son of Sam murders. Right now, I’m researching the two killers (thank you, Tru TV’s Crime Library!) and trying to figure out a way to have the Son of Zodiac(?)  terrorizing London.

My research led me to the fact that there were TWO Zodiac killers. One in San Fran (the real one) and one in NYC.

The best part of this?!?

The NYC guy got caught, but prior to his arrest, the media compared his crime spree to… The Son of Sam!


I get that the different countries have different laws regarding copyright and royalties, etc…

If someone wants to buy something from the UK iTunes store (or the US iTunes store, which is the more popular issue), you should just let them. Yeah, you run the risk of not getting your money (I’m sure there’s a lot of fraud), but the majority of people who want to cross borders to buy stuff, will pay for it.

If you don’t let us, we’ll just find ways around it.

There’s no end to the amount of creativity people will exercise to get their way, and it’s only a quick Google search away.

(And, of course, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with my earlier rants about the UK version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Top Gear” episode being VASTLY different from the version that aired on BBC America. Nope. Not at all…  It also has nothing to do with the Cumberbabe’s reading of “Jabberwocky” that’s only available in the UK iTunes store. Not. One. Bit.)

Stuck in traffic

July 27, 2013 :: 10:59 AM

i love the bbc for bringing matt smith into my life

The BBC gets it…

They’re simulcasting the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who. They’re doing it because they don’t want to deal with spoilers and other social media nightmares.

It was bad enough a few days ago when there was a huge uproar about there being a specific Comic-Con only airing of a DW 50th trailer. I know that shit happens - that’s the entire point of Comic-Con - but I was still cranky about all the stories coming out from San Diego whether it was about Supernatural, Sherlock or Doctor Who. I suppose it’s only human nature. We don’t like to be excluded from things that mean a lot to us.


Last night traffic was terrible coming home from work. It was due to mostly tourists, but then there was an accident at possibly the worst place ever to have one - right at the end of a bridge.

I wanted to lose my temper so badly when I realized that some asshole tourist (Quebec plate was a dead giveaway… we get a lot of them around here.) was the cause of it.

And then I remembered…

A few years ago, there was some really bad weather (I think snow, but I can’t remember) which made it almost impossible to drive, I had a completely shitty day at work and all I wanted to do was get home. There was a huge traffic jam and we sat, and sat, and sat, and sat, and sat, and sat. Stop and go, in a stick, is barely tolerable, but this was worse. Much worse.

I completely lost my shit and, in a moment of complete frustration, yelled something along the lines of “I hope the fucker who caused this accident died.”

No. I am not proud of that at all.

Not. One. Bit.

Because they did.

Three times a week, on my way home from my workout, I pass their roadside memorial.

It’s a pine tree, and it’s always decorated.

Last week, or the week before, it was their birthday. 

I bring this up only because there were a bunch of us with our windows down while we sat, and sat, and sat, and sat, and sat.

I played “Yellow Car”, sang along to some of my favorite songs (my poor iPod’s fast forward function will never forgive me), and generally cracked myself up. It didn’t go unnoticed by a passenger in the car next to me and they said something snarky about it.

I decided to ignore it and turned my radio up louder.

I can’t get angry about idiots causing accidents any more, if only because I’m afraid of the end results.

I learned my lesson. The hard way.

I just hope others don’t have to.

Learning methods

July 26, 2013 :: 9:38 PM

In the Cabin Pressure episode “Limerick”, Arthur is trying to learn the phonetic alphabet using the spot check method of revision. Being requested to name a random letter on demand wasn’t really working for him.

Well, when I was learning the phonetic alphabet for my Cabin Pressure fan fic, guess what?

I didn’t enjoy the spot check method of revision, either.

However, I did notice that when it came to G-T-I (the plane’s call sign), I could always remember Golf, Tango, India. (Or when they call her G-ERTI: Golf Echo Romeo Tango India).

It dawned on me that learning the letters as parts of words made sense.

Juliet, Alpha, Mike, Echo, Sierra…

Tango Alpha Mike Alpha Romeo Alpha… easy.

Alpha Papa Alpha Charlie Hotel Echo… also easy.

Golf, Uniform, India, November, November, Echo, Sierra, Sierra… easy peasy mac and cheesey.

You get the idea.

If you had asked me to just reel off the alphabet, there wasn’t any way possible that I would remember it. By associating the letters with words, it makes much more sense.

Think about it:

If I know Apache is Alpha, Papa, Alpha, Charlie, Hotel, Echo, it’s easier for me to remember what P is when I can put it in the context of a word.

Amazingly enough, it works for Arthur, too. *grin*

It got me thinking, though.

Some people learn by repetition. Some have to get creative.

I tend to do a little of both, while the boss favors the spot check method.

If that doesn’t explain my whole panic attack from a few days ago, I don’t know how else to describe it.

(alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot, golf, hotel, india, juliet, kilo, lima, mike, november, oscar, papa, quebec, romeo, sierra, tango, uniform, victor, whiskey, x-ray, yankee, zebra)

I don’t even know any more…

July 26, 2013 :: 8:06 PM

they forgot the apple pie

A few days ago, I had a major crisis of faith.


I’ve not really kept my job search nervousness a secret, and this week it blew up in my face.

Big time.

Like I said earlier, my boss is not the type of person I learn well from. It’s caused a lot of frustration and I think I snapped at him the other day. I don’t remember… all I know is I called a different company during lunch and wanted to know if they were still interested in me. They are.

So. Yeah.

I was thinking about leaving my new job to start another new job because I wasn’t sure I made the right decision and panicked.

Yesterday, I don’t know what happened, but it was like he knew.

He was great to deal with. He asked me if I was happy. He was fun. We bonded.

We talked about pr0n.

What? Don’t most people talk about pr0n with their boss during their second week at a new job?

Shit, on my fourth day in, I said I had to turn off my vibrator. (My cell phone wouldn’t stop vibrating - I was getting a shit ton of text alerts from the Weather Channel.)

(OH! How about writing “Ass Controller” instead of “Asst. Controller”? That kept me laughing today. Too bad he wasn’t in the office to know that. I also fell off my chair twice.)

So… now I’ve managed to go from hating this job and wanting to leave to loving it and wondering what the fuck is wrong with me.

I give up.

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