Turning lemons into limes

June 30, 2013 :: 2:25 PM

mini jensen and jensen

i fucking LOVE this fandom so much

We might be complete psychotics and hate each other with a passion, but when it really matters, we pull together…

I hope there’s video of their meeting when it happens.


I’ve been talking about the “Douglas Adams Trilogy” for a while.

And, son of a bitch, wouldn’t you know I actually managed it? Despite really wanting to avoid that and maybe keep it to a real trilogy as planned?

I added a fifth part and had to shoehorn it in between Parts 3 and 4. It was the only thing that made sense.

Five books in an Adams Trilogy. Five parts in the Cabin Pressure fan fic from hell.

I suppose it’s a good thing I’m against a Kevin Smith or Star Wars Trilogy*.


I also discovered there were more lemons in my fic than just the traveling one. I didn’t mean to write them - they just sort of happened. I thought I’d done a good job of not going too far down the citrus route… I’m going to have to turn those lemons into limes because, as it turns out, I have a fully stocked citrus pocket.

(I am completely aware that in several years I’ll look back at this entry and will need Google to decipher what all that means. I won’t think less of you if you need to do that now.)

I’m tempted to throw the stupid thing away and start fresh.


*There WERE five parts in the Kevin Smith trilogy until he fucked it up and added “Clerks 2” to the VA’verse. There was also a heated discussion this morning between J and I about whether or not the two Star Wars Trilogies were actually separate trilogies, or a Kevin Smith Trilogy. I vote that Star Wars is TWO trilogies - the Anakin as pre-Vader trilogy (aka the shitty one) and the Anakin as Vader trilogy (aka the good one).

I’d also like to point out that a Kevin Smith trilogy will now include SEVEN separate bits when he releases “Clerks 3”.

That shit’s just crazy.

I really can do it…

June 29, 2013 :: 12:56 PM

Moon murder

consulting-sonic asks the important questions


Not as loud but just as meaningful: “I adore this story. It is so perfectly their relationship that it just…it is. I don’t even know what to say. Brilliantly done. Thank you!”

(Since I got an email asking for the link to be made available publicly on here: AO3 and FFN.Same version, but the two sites are very different. I’m partial to AO3.)

It’s hard to write anything - be it for school, for fun, for work, or for publication - but to write something based on well fleshed out, well-loved characters…

it’s so hard, it’s almost impossible.

To put it out there, for others to see? I’d rather… I don’t know… suffer through something ridiculously painful.

Like putting it out there for others to see.

Are my characters perfect? NO. Sherlock feels like he’s more out of character than John, I kind of explain why he’s OOC, which makes it OK. A bit. John fluctuates from being as close to in character as I can get him to tying into the fandom’s head canon. That’s not terrible, I guess.

I put a lot of time into this. I dug in deep and pulled out aspects of my platonic relationships with my little brother, with the Duke of Stud, and even with J (thank you, bipolar meds *sigh*). I lost track of all the times I proofread it. I even made J proofread it. (And he doesn’t read. EVER!) I watched the show as much as possible. (Well, I substituted the unaired pilot for Reichenbach… There’s only so much I’m willing to do for my art. *grin*)

I can’t tell you how excited I am that I’m getting reviews - NICE ones, at that - but, I’m still waiting for a negative one, or even constructive criticism. Not that I want to get my feelings hurt, but it feels like a rite of passage, kinda.

Since I’m all focused on fanfic right now, my Cabin Pressure one has gone through the first round of editing. The Y-L-B issue has kind of been taken care of. Kinda. I still feel like it’s important to the plot in Parts 2 and 3, but I think I’m going to end up doing the same thing I did with the Sherlock fic and just ignore the last episode. It feels like a cop out, though. I still don’t know what to do… the cliffhanger is huge and it was the driver of the plot. After doing the first edit, I can take it out without too much damage, but, but, but, but… ARGH!

You think I would have learned after all the shit the Sherlock fic put me through.


Relevence. Please.

June 28, 2013 :: 4:04 PM

toledo is weird

oh, toledo, i almost miss you

So, the phone screen I had today led to three online assessments:
1) Another fill-in-the-blanks one / personality one
2) An accounting one
3) A how well can you learn new software one

I’ve only done #1 because I want to be able to concentrate on #2 and I’m not in that head space right now…

It’s just so confusing to me. I don’t get why my ability to place a word in a sentence is so important in determining whether or not I can get an interview.

I’m also totally surprised that the duality of my personality didn’t screw me over in the personality portion.  (I’m an introvert masquerading as an extrovert… it’s hard to choose answers that don’t make me sound completely Jekyll and Hyde-ish.)



I found another timing error with my fan fic. That anguished wailing you heard earlier? Yep. Me.

*grumble grumble grumble*

I should just label the freaking thing an AU and get over it.

Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way.

June 28, 2013 :: 9:11 AM

truer words were never spoken

There are 3 major components to human sexuality: biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Each of these 3 components offer multiple variables and the variables with which you present comprise your sexuality.

Asserting that any one set of these variables is any better than another is ludicrous.


(Still celebrating the fact that DOMA and Prop 8 are dead.)


I have a phone screen today with a company based over an hour away from here.  They have clients that hire them for accounting duties and then they assign clients to their accounting staff… I’d be part of that staff and after some training at HQ, I’d be able to work from home.The pay’s not the greatest, but I think I can offset that by not having to commute.

Can I work from home? That’s the magic question, isn’t it?

I’m terribly lonely right now, but I’m also sitting on the couch, doing absolutely nothing after I do my few hours of job searching. Part of that is because I know I’m no fun right now (wicked, wicked, wicked, deep dark depression) and part of that is all the people that I’d hang out with don’t live around me. If I wasn’t depressed, I’d probably be doing some projects around the house. But I can barely get out of bed to get Guinness to day care… and the only reason he’s even going is because we prepaid in January for the year.

If I were working, I’d have contact with people. I’d have a reason to get out of bed. I know I have the discipline to work from home…

Let’s hope the screen goes better than that assessment earlier this week, because that completely set my mental state back quite a few notches.


Playing in John Finnemore’s sandbox and writing this Cabin Pressure fan fic is KILLING me.

The series is set in real time, so Series 1 took place in 2008 and it goes all the way through Series 4 which takes place in 2013. (The only oddity is that Arthur stated to be 29 in the first three series… Considering that Finnemore plays Arthur, you think he’d catch that. *sigh* At least that doesn’t screw up anything because I couldn’t remember how old Arthur was in Series 4 so I said he was in his early thirties.)

I have this great story, but the timeline fell to shit when I realized that possibly the most important part of my story takes place in 2013. Everything kind of hangs on the events of “Yverdon-les-Bains”, which is the last episode in Series 4. The other important parts I’ve squeezed in between series… Part 1 of the trilogy takes place in October 2009, Part 2 in 2011 (which - the way I wrote it - included the resolution of Y-L-B’s cliffhanger), Part 3 was scheduled to fit around Christmas 2012, and Part 4 was pushed out to 2014 to make something important make sense in the canon timeline.

Everything in the first three parts references Y-L-B and I knew the reference didn’t really belong in Part 1, but I had to write the next parts to see where it would fit better. EVERYTHING in the second part happens because of Y-L-B,  but since the second part kind of needs to happen before 2013, I’m totally screwed.

The only good thing is that Part 1 is Martin’s story, which while dependent on Douglas’ divorce in 2009, doesn’t need Y-L-B in it. The only problem is that I like having Part 2 in Paris, and Paris was aired in 2011… I think I may have to find a new city for that piece of the story to take place in. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck…

Being unemployed right now is not good, but at least I have this to distract me and keep me busy. VERY busy.

That. Sucked.

June 26, 2013 :: 2:02 PM

Lestrade on a dino

who knew?

I don’t know whether to be amused or scared that if I were to get into a fist fight, the women I knit would would bet on me kicking the other person’s ass.

My dad’s the one that taught me how to fight (and I had practice when I was younger), but I haven’t had to in years. Is that like riding a bike?

You know what? I don’t really want to know.


I’ve noticed that Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is two different shows depending on what market it’s aired in… If it’s the US version, he always does a make over. If it’s the UK version, he almost never touches the design of the restaurant.


I finally made the jump to EE 2, so this really isn’t anything more than a test entry. Woo!

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