As the kiddies say,

February 17, 2013 :: 7:04 PM

The Johnlockers make me want to cry with their beautiful writing. Seriously - the friendship fics… GAH!


Imagine a whole lot of personal, angsty, teenage-era diary entries here.

I spent all weekend thinking about the big picture, and a few things became obvious. One of them is living on Facebook right now. Half of one is living on Facebook, too. As for everything else? Teh DRAMA! ZOMG!!!!11111!!!!



February 15, 2013 :: 1:06 AM


seriously. i have become a huge cumberbitch.

oh. dear. sweet. jesus. i. can’t. even.

Beautiful writing is beautiful

February 14, 2013 :: 9:32 PM


johnlock is the reason i just bought the the entire sherlock homes collection for my kindle

Yeah, so the decision I’ve been putting off was pretty much made for me today. Fuck.

I licked my wounds by hiding in my office and reading Sherlock fanfic. I think I made it through ten or so one-shots before I had to do some actual work. (When the boss is away, the depressed will hide in their offices looking desperately for something to distract them from the voices…)

Can I just say that whether you’re into Johnlock as gay pr0n or Johnlock as friends, there is some BEAUTIFULLY written fanfic out there. I’ve never seen anything capture that kind of bond before.

Johnlock fanfic writers? You have just won the internets.


reading is hard work

February 13, 2013 :: 9:53 PM


johnlock + tube = very happy me

I need to take better notes when I’m yanking things off of tumblr…

I’ve been reading A LOT of fan fiction lately. Too much. It doesn’t matter what the pairing is, or what the rating is. Reading the fanfic is making it easier to write my own. Writing about beloved characters is hard, and I know that I can write particularly well (after a lot of editing), but there’s a lot of self-doubt. Reading other’s stuff is making me feel better. Especially when I come across stuff like this:

Standing in front of her was the man she loved. Mostly naked and she was thinking about Timey Wimey stuff, when she had a big ball of wibbly wobbly right in front of her face… As soon as she’d removed (his underwear) The Doctors real sonic screwdriver revealed itself…

I laughed so hard and then I thanked Dog that I wasn’t responsible for that piece of “art”.  (Yeah, I’m not linking to the story. It was pretty bad.)

All I can say is that shit makes my writing look that much better. I’m becoming less scared to post stuff to FF. I just need to finish some of it first!

I can haz platypus

February 12, 2013 :: 10:03 PM


i thought i was keeping track of my sources… i wasn’t. i suck


This happened:

“No way am I cutting you guys. You’re coming and that’s that.”

And then this happened:

“We wondered if you fancied meeting up for afternoon tea somewhere posh in London?”

This way to the platypus farm…

Pip. Pip. Cheerio.

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