Doctor Who Definitions

February 07, 2013 :: 5:45 PM


‘borrowed’ from the bloggess and used without permission

Just when I think I can’t love Jenny Lawson enough, she brings us this little piece of magic.

I’m definitely a statue-vian.  Have been since I watched “Blink”.


You’re welcome.


Today’s project

February 06, 2013 :: 4:58 PM

I bought a domain and email service for that domain.

I started a tumblr blog.

I revamped an old twitter account that’s been dormant.


You can’t find the current version of me if you google me. That makes me wicked happy.

I want you to find the new version of me if you google me. I have a lot of work to do to make that happen. A lot.


As I said somewhere else, I’m hitting the reset button. Big time.


I guess I’ve gotta be vague for a while. There’s some tough decisions to be made and this blog has an audience that doesn’t deserve to be kept in the loop.

The winds of change…

February 05, 2013 :: 2:47 PM

50K words into my 2012 NaNoWriMo attempt, I realized that the two most powerful scenes of my story aren’t really where they belong. Putting them in the correct places in the narrative changes the entire flow and pretty much necessitate a re-write of the entire thing.

To quote Dean Winchester, “SON OF A BITCH!”


Doing some clean up:
- Foursquare - done.
- Instagram - done.
- One of my three twitter accounts - gone.
- My Facebook and ‘real’ twitter accounts are about to go under the knife as well - time to double check who has access to what.
- I’m getting rid of cell phone numbers that are clogging up my address book.

It’s freeing. It’s also necessary.

I need to take control of my life again.

It’s time to delete some of the unnecessary noise.


I’m learning who my real friends are and who deserves my loyalty. I’m not surprised any more by who will make the cut and who won’t. I know who has my back and who doesn’t.


I’m facing the music and realizing where the bipolar fits in my life.

As a result, I need to figure out where a lot of shit fits in with the bipolar.


I’m even thinking about walking away from this blog…

I’d start blogging somewhere else (of course), but I think this URL needs to be retired.

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