BOOBIES!!!! - Part 2

October 02, 2011 :: 9:39 AM


save the boobies!!!

Rack shot: submitted
Money: donated

What have YOU done to save the boobies?


On a more serious note, my friend, Wendy, is this year’s Bloggers Helping Bloggers recipient. If you hate Komen, and the pink, AND boobies, I DARE you to hate this woman.

When I met Wendy, way back in 2000 / 2001, she was known as “Skittish Girl”. She’s no longer skittish.

She has been blogging about her breast cancer experience with more grace, more eloquence, and more humor than I think I’d ever be capable of.

But she’s more than breast cancer…

She’s a mom, a sister, a child, a talented photographer, a friend, and a damn good person.

She is the kind of woman (or man, we include them, too), the Boobiethon helps.

Through no fault of her own, she’s ended up in a terrible place financially. I hate the fact that she had to be a BHB recipient… but I’m more than happy to send her some much needed dough.

On the Boobiethon’s donate page, you’ll find a direct link to her PayPal account. I can assure you that ALL the donations made to her will go directly to her.

Will you please help her out?

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