Immaturity shouldn’t be tolerated

June 30, 2011 :: 10:03 AM

Still fuming over an email sent and the hurt it caused.

People really need to think about their actions… there are lines that should not be crossed.

People need to be held accountable for their immaturity, not rewarded for it.

Too often, it gets brushed off. “Oh, that’s just the way they are. You can’t change them. They’re really not a bad person.”

Blah, blah, blah.

It doesn’t change the impact that it had, or the end result.

The sad thing is that when that email was sent, they KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt what they were doing and what would happen after it was received. They did it to prove just what an ass they are. Although, of course, they don’t think they’re an ass, because again, they can do no wrong because they’ve never been called out on their shitty behavior before.

It sucks that that kind of behavior was, in the end, rewarded.

I know there are a lot of people who have/had my back in this, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it… but there are things you can’t unsee, can’t unfeel, can’t forgive or forget. The only thing that makes me feel better about any of it, it knowing WHO had my back and WHY they had it. Pefer et obdura; dolar hi tibi proderit olim at it’s finest.

—- Also, kind of sort of related, but not really: how are you a FORMER founder of an organization? You either founded it or you didn’t.

—- Also, also, kind of sort of related, but not really: It looks like a blended Masters in Accounting and Finance has moved from Someday/Maybe to a Project. It won’t be from BU, which totally breaks my heart, but BU doesn’t have a curriculum that ties to any of my horizons of focus. Neither does UConn, UNH, or Bentley.

Oh ferfuckssakes

June 29, 2011 :: 4:23 PM

There’s a band named “Deer Tick”.

Really? Really? REALLY?!?!?!?!

What the fuck is wrong with you people?!?!?!




BTW—KA-BLOCK!!!!! Rock On Concerts. I’d like to stay subscribed to your email blasts and see who is playing in the Boston area, but today’s email was the equivalent of an email land mine. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Ya’ll excuse me while I douse myself with the dogs’ Frontline and steal Guinness’ “Preventix” collar.


It’s been a while

June 25, 2011 :: 3:36 PM

There’s a whopping ass-ton of shit I need to blog about, but right now I’m watching a sleeping baby dream of chasing bunnies.

It was time to get a new dog. We ended up finding a kennel that breeds German Shepherds. REAL German Shepherds. We’re talking they paid $75K for a male dog to use as a stud. Shipped from Germany. That’s a lot of money for a dog-I wonder if that included the shipping…

Anyhoo, I missed having a dog that was mine. Apache’s totally J’s dog and we’re a two dog house. This beautiful black and tan came flying out of the run and attacked both of us. Thankfully, he chose me. If he had chosen J, he’d still be at the breeder, still waiting to find a forever home. That sounds harsh, but if you’ve ever had a dog that owned you, you’d understand.     

We’re on day two with Guinness, and Apache’s adapted to the role of big brother a little quicker than I thought he would. It actually makes me kind of nervous.

J’s sister put two & two together in a way we hadn’t even thought of—he’s from a “K” litter, so when we register him with the AKC, he has to be registered with a name that starts with K. We chose Kenobi (Yes, as in Obi-Wan.) Since he’s a black and tan, we went with the obvious choice of Guinness for his real name.

Here’s where we prove our dorkiness—Obi-Wan Kenobi (the GOOD one, from the GOOD trilogy), was played by none other than Sir Alec Guinness. Fake name: Kenobi. Real name: Guinness.

He’s adorable and kind of the perfect counter to a week filled with ugliness.

For whatever reason, I’d been the victim of a lot of immaturity last week. Things that really hurt and upset me. Like, I get the joke. Once is funny, twice is annoying, and whatever the hell possessed you to do THAT the last time, well, you crossed a fucking line, buddy. You too, asshole. You three, dickweed. I’m not quite sure why the entire world decided to fuck with me, and do such hateful, spiteful things, but I’m done. If we were friends on any form of social media, I blocked your ass. If we’re not friends on social media, fear not. You will feel my wrath. Oh yes, yes, you will.

Wait until Guinness is bigger and we enroll in him in protection training…

ETA: I’ve had a few friends ask me what the hell happened last week… there was one comment about my relationship with somebody which was particularly hurtful. Then some asshole took the ONE thing that I am terrified of more than ANYTHING and kept harassing me with it. The icing on the cake reopened some very old wounds. Stuff that I’ve been trying to put behind me for a long time.

So yeah… I went nuclear. One would have been enough to set me off. All three of them - KA-BLOOEY!!!!

Bear promised!!!!

June 10, 2011 :: 11:00 PM


black mountain symphony :: valentine’s, albany, ny :: 2010

I’m tired.

I’m cranky.

I’m working this weekend.


I am taking a break and heading up north to see my favorite Albanians play in my favorite bar across the street from my favorite hotel.


It’s road trip time.

I wasn’t going to go, but I told Bear I’d only make the trip if they promised to play “Upstate” or “Stop Stopping”. “Stop Stopping” made the playlist for tomorrow night’s show! They lurve me. I feel so blessed that they embraced me as one of them.

Lately, because of this whole work thing, I’ve had Ovid running through my brain. I’ve already tweeted and Facebooked this, so bear with me…

pefer et obdura; dolor hi tibi proderit olim

be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you

I know the Latin inside and out… it’s the only thing I got from my high school Latin class that justified the price of admission. Half the time, I can’t even remember the English translation. Plus, if I write it in the Latin, no one knows what’s going on in my head. It’s taped to my laptop’s monitor right now.

I’m struggling to get caught up - I’m STILL behind from March - and no matter what I do, I can’t get anywhere even CLOSE to being caught up.

I’m being patient, and I’m soldering through it. I know that there will be a payout of some sort at the end of all this. At the least, I’ll have an assistant. At the most, “Comptroller/Controller” will stick, and I’ll get a salary equal to the title. A little profit sharing wouldn’t be too shabby either, but all in good time.

One step at a time…

I’m on the road to bigger and better things in my career…

even if I do take a quick detour to Albany first.