Bear promised!!!!

June 10, 2011 :: 11:00 PM


black mountain symphony :: valentine’s, albany, ny :: 2010

I’m tired.

I’m cranky.

I’m working this weekend.


I am taking a break and heading up north to see my favorite Albanians play in my favorite bar across the street from my favorite hotel.


It’s road trip time.

I wasn’t going to go, but I told Bear I’d only make the trip if they promised to play “Upstate” or “Stop Stopping”. “Stop Stopping” made the playlist for tomorrow night’s show! They lurve me. I feel so blessed that they embraced me as one of them.

Lately, because of this whole work thing, I’ve had Ovid running through my brain. I’ve already tweeted and Facebooked this, so bear with me…

pefer et obdura; dolor hi tibi proderit olim

be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you

I know the Latin inside and out… it’s the only thing I got from my high school Latin class that justified the price of admission. Half the time, I can’t even remember the English translation. Plus, if I write it in the Latin, no one knows what’s going on in my head. It’s taped to my laptop’s monitor right now.

I’m struggling to get caught up - I’m STILL behind from March - and no matter what I do, I can’t get anywhere even CLOSE to being caught up.

I’m being patient, and I’m soldering through it. I know that there will be a payout of some sort at the end of all this. At the least, I’ll have an assistant. At the most, “Comptroller/Controller” will stick, and I’ll get a salary equal to the title. A little profit sharing wouldn’t be too shabby either, but all in good time.

One step at a time…

I’m on the road to bigger and better things in my career…

even if I do take a quick detour to Albany first.