Saturday, November 22, 2008

What an awesome week… NOT!


rear left tire ::  vw jetta :: november 21, 2008


I’m having some issues with putting myself too much out there, expecting things to be different and getting crushed when I get screwed.  I know I didn’t do a lot of things right and I know I’m so far from perfect it’s not funny, but I don’t think I truly deserve what’s been going on around me.  I made my bed, I’m lying it in, but I want things to be different.  I’m working hard for things to be different.  But I’m getting the shaft.  And quite frankly, I’m a little tired of it.  If I knew how to fix this, maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so far out of hand… but they did and I still don’t know how to reconcile past, present and future.  Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.  I’m not that strong.  Yet.

Then, there’s a new health scare among the extended family.  Is it cancer? Is it a blood clot? Why is it there? What caused it? Shouldn’t we have been given a larger reprieve since V1 of this ended in May?  Why won’t anyone take ownership and talk about this?  Why are things being left AGAIN to the person that so beautifully f’ed things up during V1?  Ugh.  I don’t have it in me to deal with this on top of everything else. But I have to… in sickness and in health and all that crap.  If I had thought about it referring to more than my husband and I, I might have left him in the gondola in Vegas.

Tonight, we headed to Boston to watch BU lose to UVM.  It was a terrible game on so many levels (even though it finally got better a little too late)... and I think it was jinxed since moment one.  I’m pretty stupidstitious and I should have known something was wrong when I chose to listen to “Hey Baby” on the radio instead of changing the radio station. ( That’s what the students sing after a win.)  Then, something happened with J’s car which resulted in ME driving into Boston.  I hate driving into the city.  I’d much rather take the train, but things are a little different now and it was easier for me to meet him at his office and leave my car there.

For the record, Rollheiser’s a sieve and the fine folks working the Agganis Kiss Cam, should have left the camera on the girl on girl action.  (It was just as classic as the NESN guy’s face when he learned the real lyrics to “The Song” as he was filming us at the Beanpot.)  Colby Cohen didn’t deserve the stupid 5 min penalty and game DQ he got at like 15 seconds left.  It was a terrible call and caused the guy behind us to tell Benedetto to go home to his loveless marriage.  Ouch!  At the same time, there’s a reason we chant, “I suck! I blow! I’m Benedetto!” and he certainly didn’t disappoint tonight. Since I can’t obsess over D-men from Winchester, MA any more (since there aren’t any left), I have decided to obsess over Chris Connolly.  This kid, he’s like the perfect blend of that AMAZING line a few years ago of Baby Bourque, Petey Mac and Boomah!..  I wouldn’t mind making sweet, sweet love to that child.  (OK, yeah, I would. He’s a little young and not my type.) He better stay in school all 4 years, but I have a feeling scouts are going to be all over him soon.

After we left Boston, we decided to meet the AAA tow driver at J’s office since both that and the VW dealership are on the way home.  When we left the car in the “capable” hands of the tow truck driver, it had 4 tires.  When we stopped at the dealership, it had 3.  Nobody knows how it happened.  Not even the tow truck driver.  Which is kind of interesting when you think about it. Anyhoo, the tow truck driver dumped the car and left us sitting there.  Trying to figure out our next move.  I moved my car so that it pointed at the ruined tire and turned on the high beams. J took photos for the insurance / AAA / tow company, whoever would need it.  As we’re leaving the dealership, I got pulled over by a cop.  Imagine cracking up - because there’s nothing else you can do - and trying to tell the cop all you’re doing is saying goodbye to the Jetta with the blown-out tire.  I’m surprised he didn’t ask me to get out of the car…

Hey, world? I’m done being a grown-up now, K? Thanks.  Buh-bye.

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