Friday, May 24, 2013

Tough choices


misha collins, ladies and gentlemen

Having met Misha several times, I can tell you that this is really who he is. And I fucking love him for it.


Anyhoo… I keep getting these offers for ‘start tomorrow’ temp jobs which are around the right money, for the right job, and they sound GREAT. Except that the recruiters are contracted to supply someone for a certain period of time. Those temps aren’t really granted the freedom to look for new work. Yeah, they can’t stop you, but I’m of the opinion that it’s unprofessional to leave in the middle of the contract. What can I say? I have some screwed up morals.

That job I took at the end of March was temp to perm, with the decision to be made in 30 days. The first two weeks - the getting to know you period - were awesome and I was pretty sure I was going to be there for the long haul. During those first two weeks, I missed out on second interviews (and a first) with companies I would have really loved to work for. For what? To decide to leave/be kicked to the curb in the next two weeks. When it was too late to go to those companies and be all “Hey, I made a mistake. Still interested?” (Not that I would do that. Again, unprofessional.)

I’ve gotten several calls on resumes I’ve sent out on my own and I have recruiters submitting my resume to other companies.

I’m doing well on the job search front - I’m submitting to companies I want to work for, and I’m working with recruiters who can get me to the right positions at possibly the right companies - it’s just taking forever.


Speaking of employment:

One of my ‘brothers’ has a very strong restaurant background. VERY STRONG. So when he comments on people who own restaurants who don’t know what they’re doing, I have to agree. To use his example, running a successful tree service for twenty years doesn’t mean you can open a successful restaurant. Shit, I’ve worked for TWO successful restauranteurs who have taken their success and opened a second restaurant. I can tell you that, in both cases, restaurant # 2 isn’t doing nearly as well as restaurant # 1.

I’m addicted to the “rescue” shows (Bar Rescue, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, and Restaurant Impossible), and nine times out of ten, the owners say “I’ve always wanted to own my own place.” or “Well, I’ve been a server for a long time and I thought I should buy the place I worked at since I know it.”

The problem with that - and again, I’ve SEEN this with my own two eyes - is that restaurants are different from any business out there. Even the way the books are kept is different. It’s not enough to be able to understand a profit and loss statement. (In a restaurant, they actually use a template that focuses on ‘prime costs’ instead of the familiar P&L most businesses use.) Not only that, but there’s health and safety issues with the food and kitchen tools. There’s the matter of training your staff so that they know the menu inside and out. There’s the issue as to whether or not your food is actually edible. Then there’s the issues of food costs, menu pricing, and even menu engineering.

Running a restaurant is not as easy as grab saw, chop down tree, drop off invoice, go home.

I’ve done the books for two start-up restaurants. I know the amount of crazy there is, even once they become established. Would I open my own? Maybe… BUT. I’d make sure I interviewed the hell out of my staff before hiring them. I don’t want to be hands on. I’d prefer to treat it as an investment because I know I don’t know enough about how to actually RUN a restaurant. I can manage the books and costs, but the rest of it? Oh, hell no.

I know what I don’t know… and that’s pretty damn good.

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