Thursday, January 26, 2012

The mind-numbing adventures of a fussy eater

Long time friends know well just how fussy an eater I am.

We’re talking fast food escapes once I find out that lunch/dinner has a single ingredient I don’t like, don’t think I like or know I don’t want to like. We’re talking saying, “That’s OK. I’m not hungry,” when, in fact, I am starving.

It’s bad, but I’ve always been able to work around it or have had family members willing to tolerate my running out on a Big Deal Dinner to grab a burger.

If you’ve not been under a rock, you’re aware that there’s this diet/lifestyle change that involves removing all the gluten from your diet.

I worked with someone who has celiac disease and I’ve worked with people who were gluten-free because their kids had to be.

Then, I was told I HAD to read a book called “Wheat Belly”.

Then, we switched Apache to Guinney’s food. G’s food is ALL protein with very little grain. Apache lost so much weight on the food, the vet was afraid something was seriously wrong with him.

All the research I’ve done, and the unintended experiment with the dogs, kind of made me want to try going gluten-free. Weight-loss aside, there’s a lot to be said about a diet plan that has been proven to affect both autistic and schizophrenic personalities in positive ways.

I know this isn’t the key to the kingdom of Weight Loss AND Bipolar control, but what the hell? What’s the worst that can happen?

So… I’m baby-stepping into it. I don’t NEED to do this but I WANT to do it.

Not only am I trying to limit the gluten I eat, I’m trying to find more gluten-free things to eat that aren’t in my normal diet.

1)  Eating more fruits other than red delicious apples - I branched out into oranges yesterday! I ended up wearing a lot of the juice, but it was tasty.

2)  Eating more things that are gluten-free but out of my limited menu - I mean, holy shit! I tried American cheese yesterday on my turkey sammich, too! (That’s the first time I’ve ever had American cheese that wasn’t in a grilled cheese sammich. I like grilled cheese sammiches, but I have to forget they’re made out of cheese. Shut up.)

I’m telling you, I’m a crazy person.

However, Cheddar cheese and I… we don’t get along so well.

That’s not too bad—three new things and only one made me gag.

Slow and steady should get me where I need to be without the all or nothing confines of Weight Watchers, or other diet plans…

Posted by Matty on 01/26 at 03:24 PM