Tuesday, April 19, 2022


#dopey2021, try3

I have to vent about this…

Marathon Weekend’s registration opened today at 10.

It’s well known that the “best” way to get a bib is to have multiple browsers open, over multiple types of devices. You can also get into the queue PRIOR to 10AM.

This is all lies.

When I tried to access the runDisney website this morning at 9:50-ish, the site was already down. Like crash, burn, blue screen of death, website down. I had two browsers going on the work computer and just let them sit. I refreshed when I could, or when I remembered to. After a while, I was set to give up, and then - of course - registration was rumoured to be opening back up at 12:30. I fired up my phone around 12:00 and let it sit. Computer was showing more than an hour wait. Phone had 45 minutes. That 45 minutes flew. I finished my registration around 1, and the races were all sold out by 1:30.

I’ve struggled with the idea of doing Dopey again. I already know I’m not a marathoner. Nope. Those 26.2 miles are going to suck, but if I’m not injured, my only enemy will be my brain. And I can drug that fucker into submission.

At the end of the day, I did register for Dopey. I want to try it again. I need to try it again.

And now I feel guilty for registering.

There are a lot of people who got bounced out of the queue while the website was being worked on. A ton of people who were bounced out when one of the races they registered for was sold out. (So… if you had a Dopey and a 5K registration and the 5K sold out, you’d lose both and have to start over again.) Even more people that had sat in the queue only to find out all the races were sold out by 1:30. The loudest screamers are the ones who got into the queue prior to 10AM and missed out. It’s completely random as to who gets in at what time. I mean, it’s just so weird. Someone who gets online at 12:30 had a better chance to get a bib than someone who sat in Disney hell since 9:45.

I don’t know.

Part of me feels bad that I took a spot from someone who waited for more hours than I did.

Part of me doesn’t care because I just have that kind of shitty luck.(Seriously. I didn’t want there to be any races open by the time I got in. *grin*)

And part of me thinks that I’m insane to want to try this again.

So yeah.

#dopey2021 - It’s going to be a fight to the death between the dwarf and I. I wonder who’s going to win this year?

Posted by Matty on 04/19 at 11:31 PM