Wednesday, August 21, 2013

nom nom nom

i’m obsessed with this photoshoot

Seriously - I am OBSESSED with photos of him in this jumper, leaning on the railing.

I have a wider version of this as the background on my MBP and I have a black and white version as the background on my phone.

That jumper is just gorgeous. I want to knit one for myself.

The guy in it ain’t too bad, either.


No guarantees that the “container” will fix my car problems, but I’m tabling the new car insanity for now. I don’t want a new car. I’m not ready for a new car…

The Forester is just going to have to suck it up and get on with its life.

(Also, I can’t believe how much I missed driving stick. Two days I was in an automatic… two days of hating every moment of the loaner.)


I’ve been trying to listen to music the boss DOESN’T know so that he can’t sing.

Today, I listened to the Ameros, and I could see how hard he was trying to figure out what it was. I’m going to have to be careful… if I listen to things enough, he will learn them and they’ll be ruined 5ever. (Yesterday was the Sherlock score (series 1 and 2), all day. I love the score and - bonus - he doesn’t seem to enjoy instrumentals.)

He’s gone tomorrow, so I am cranking the Black Mountain Symphony and rocking out.

It will be so nice to listen to “good” music again.


A high school friend posted a link to an article which summarized the 23 signs you might be a closeted introvert. I had 21 out of 23.

One of those 21 was “you are a writer.”

I don’t write.

At all.



So I’m not going to recap (for historical value more than anything) my current progress. Because there’s nothing to recap.

“This Week: Hartford!” is 95% there. Two more sets of eyes and it goes live on AO3. sucks balls right now, so I don’t know if it’s worth cross posting to there…

“This Week: Paris!” is now three rewrites in, and, at this point, needs to be junked. *sigh*

It’s funny how Paris is the first part of the “trilogy” that I wrote and the one I loved more than anything out of the four once they were all done. I wrote everything around Paris, but now that Hartford (the last bit actually written even though it’s a prologue) is getting spit-shined, I can see where I fucked up in Paris.

I’ve decided I hate Paris - both as a tourist location and a chapter in my Cabin Pressure fan fic.

“This Week: Fitton!” is completed. Needs Hartford and Paris finalized before I can move on it more. (I know there will be continuity errors… They’re already very visible…)

“This Week: London!” is completed. Needs Hartford, Paris and Fitton to be finalized. (In addition to everything else I have going on, I can’t address Y-L-B and ignore Vaduz, so that will need to be dealt with. *sigh*)

Untitled Johnlock dealing with a Zodiac copycat is four handwritten pages in. After writing brOTP Johnlock, I’m actually kind of happy to be writing a casefic featuring BAMF!John and normal!Sherlock. (Sherlock!Sherlock? I have no fucking idea… I gave it a name. It’s a thing now. Deal with it.)

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