Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keep calm and don’t blink.

You know - even though that’s a Doctor Who reference (yeah, I joined the Whovians) - it’s actually kind of fitting. Life is crazy. It’s important to keep your head about you, to stay calm, if you will. Then there’s the saying, “blink and you’ll miss it.”

Well, I didn’t stay calm and I definitely blinked.

How did time fly so fast? The people I met in elementary school have elementary schoolers of their own.

I’ve grown apart from someone who meant a lot to me. A lot. The rift started in college, when we went our separate ways. Then it got worse. Marriage. Kids. Jobs. Lives.

We don’t know how to talk to each other. We don’t know how to fit the other into our new lives.  We don’t know how to be friends any more.

We’ve grown apart. Far apart.

It’s natural. I know. But it fucking sucks.


In return for letting them go, I’ve been rewarded with new friends who buy me t-shirts that say “Accepting you’re an asshole is the first step” and send me Facebook messages saying, “And meeting you is one of my highlights for 2012”.

I get messages from old friends who have surprisingly come back to me: “Tamara I have alot of friends but none of them with heart like yours.”

I’m one lucky girl.

Don’t think I don’t know that.

Bye, again, old friend.

Welcome back, brother.

Merry pornmas, silent P.

Posted by Matty on 12/29 at 06:02 PM