Sunday, January 06, 2013

“It’s my timey-wimey detector. It goes ‘ding’ when there’s stuff.”



unrepentant whovian

I’m in love with Ten. My friend, M, was right. He is definitely the best one so far… granted I’m only on Series 3 which means I’m four series behind and I haven’t experienced Eleven yet. It’s the trench coat and Chucks. Plus Ten has all the best lines… Nine almost killed the show for me. Thankfully, I have friends who are Whovians that told me to hold out for the regeneration.

They’re very smart, they are.


Spent yesterday with my little brother and his family. There was much hugging and many promises to do this more than once a year. (Yup. Another chance to drive home that choosing “Family” was a good idea.)

Today, I had the following conversation with Soup. (That’s a person if you’re new to these parts.)

SOUP: You still managing the band?

ME: No. They broke up. I do have friends in a different band in Upstate NY… their bass player told me I needed to find a job in music because I was so passionate.

SOUP: I def agree. I think we’re on the same path.

ME: I think about looking into the music industry… Boston’s got a pretty good scene, but I’m nervous about making that type of career change.

SOUP: Try it part time in the beginning. I think it’s your calling.

ME:OK. You’re like the third person who has said that to me. That’s scary.

SOUP: Third time’s a charm

ME: Maybe when things calm down in the summer. I’m pretty busy right now.

SOUP: Please just try it.

I haven’t spoken to Soup in years… since 2011-ish, maybe. Early 2012? He kind of came back into my life out of nowhere. It was really weird… but today we had such a nice chat. It’s nice to know that he still thinks about me and finds it important to push me to do what we both know I should be doing for a living.

Apparently putting out into the universe that I need to be better at being a friend is coming true in spades.


There’s been a weird kind of “war” between what I’m calling the “resetters” or “resolutionists” and those that think you can/should change whenever the mood strikes you. Facebook, tumblr, blogs - it’s so random that 2013 is the year that people have decided to take sides over something so stupid as a page flip on a calendar. Is it because the world didn’t end?

I always try to make resolutions. I never seem to keep them, but I like the idea of a reset button. A fresh start. A list of things I want to do. Blah blah blah blahbitty blah blah blah.

Except, this year, I didn’t actually MAKE any resolutions. In a weird fluke of timing, everything is happening now…. I started the three words exercise a few weeks ago when CC’s book came out and finally whittled them down. I discovered the GORUCK Challenge a few months ago and took my time making sure this was something I wanted to, could, would commit to. I signed up for part 1 of the CMA exam a few months ago (and had to put off taking it in the original testing window because of work/anxiety) and this month I start studying in earnest since I take it in February. I’ve been tossing around the idea of the American Girl fencing uniform since July.

I don’t know… if you want to change, change. Does it really matter what spurs you to action and when it starts? The only thing that matters is that you stand by what you chose to do and see it through to its logical conclusion.


And on that note, I’m off to spend some time with the Ood.


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