Thursday, October 03, 2013

Is ten too many?

it’s better with the sound

Between creating a more “British” CV, trying to learn a new language (seriously, WTF is an “Accounts Assistant”?), and trying to decide what the proper salary range is, I’m going fucking NUTS.

Using my earlier decision to “fling stuff” as a basis for my job search, I’ve been pretty much just looking at the job description and seeing if my experience is a match. A lot of them are blind ads from recruiters, but that may work in my favour for the job search. It’s guaranteed to fuck me with NH unemployment. (They don’t like staffing agencies, but how the hell am I supposed to find a job if everything I’m qualified for is through a staffing agency? Suck it, NH. That’s a legit job application.)

Ten CVs are out in the world today, (and yes, I’m using the term CV to differentiate it from my American resume if only in my head) so hopefully one of them leads to something. It just sucks that a lot of these employers ask if you need to be sponsored/need a work visa to be qualified for the job. I don’t know how that affects my chances, but there has to be SOMEONE out there who needs a damn good accountant, and doesn’t care that I’m coming from the US.

Shit. I’ll pay to relocate myself. I was going to move over there any way until I found out they took away the visa I could have used.

One random fact that I find very amusing is that I worked for this company that had a really small sales office in the UK (2 sales guys, everything else was handled in the US) and Martin, the UK guy I worked with the most, made fun of me always writing my dates in the American style. Because of him, I started doing dd/mm/yyyy to the point where I have to think about doing it the “right” way here. Generally, I just write it out: 3 October 2013, but when I have to do mm/dd/yyyy it screws me up.

I’ve been doing it for YEARS and it actually helped me fill out a lot of the UK applications. It sounds stupid, but having to go back and change the dates to the UK format every.single.time. would have gotten old very quickly.


That job I interviewed for - the one I didn’t think I was qualified for? I’ve had three different recruiters call me on it.

Guess I’m not as unqualified as I thought I was.

It just scares me that they have SO MANY people working on it. The recruiter I got the interview through had seven people there yesterday. SEVEN. How many have other recruiters sent on? How many applied directly through the website?

The opportunities this job will afford me make it my number one choice if I’m stuck in the US.

I don’t want to think I’ve lost it before I’ve been invited for the second interview, but I refuse to get excited about something where there are so many applicants being interviewed.

I do not think the odds are in my favour.


Big day in CT tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing an old friend and giving Logan his sweater.

Of course, my debit card was compromised, so I can’t use it in my travels. I have another, from another bank, but I haven’t set it up. I guess I should now.



By the way, I showered and put on pants again.

Even if I hadn’t looked for work in the UK, today would still have been a success.


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