Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it really that easy?!?


the entire membership of the cumbercollective is quoting sherlock right now…

When it rains, it pours.

My favorite recruiter, Jimmy the Pimp, called me yesterday. He was unamused that I’m getting interviews on my own, so he told me HE would be the one to find me my next job.

(He really is awesome. I wish we could be friends outside of work. That might get weird, though.)

Honestly, he deserves the commission for placing me. He’s worked so hard for me on both phases of my unemployment, but I can’t just put all my faith in a recruiter. I mean, he’s sifting through their entire possible employee list, paring it down to however many, and then giving the cream of the crop to the company. Sometimes I wonder if my resume is ever presented…

I got a call today from a recruiter who’s working on a job for a CPA firm. I’m not sure I want to go back to the CPA world (I left it for a reason), but I got my resume in front of him. Whatever works. I’m not above trying some trickery. I’m desperate, not stupid.

I got a call from a company I applied to on Monday right after I hung up with him.

Again, question # 1: How much do you need to make?

Are you people freaking kidding me?!?

At least she was honest and gave me what they were looking to pay right off the bat. (I really respect her for that. She didn’t have to say anything.) I want about $10K more (on the low end) of what they’re looking to hire someone for. If they were going to pay me what I really want, we’d have a $15K difference.

Yet, she plowed on with the phone screen. The best part was when she said that she was still going to put my resume in front of the controller because she thought that the money might not be such an issue if they found the right person. If she thinks they can bridge $10K… what the hell. I’m game if they are.

This is kind of how it played out last time, too. Nothing and then BAM! Interviews up the wazoo.

Let’s hope this time both sides are a better judge of the fit. I’m a little gun shy from my experience in April.

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