Saturday, April 27, 2013

I’ll stand by you…

For the record, this is not the first email I’ve received that starts like this:

Can I ask you a very personal question? It’s personal for me, I mean. Not something to freak out over, just not something I would talk to just anyone about.

I get messages like that on Facebook, via email, and even tumblr, all the time.

I’ve saved lives, and I’ve saved marriages.

I feel like a super hero…


I want a fan club, an action figure (complete with ginormous boobs, please), and a movie written by Kevin Smith, starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Martin Freeman, directed by Joss Whedon, and produced by Eric Kripke. ALL the actors, of course, would be my love interests. (Can you say ‘explicit love scenes’ boys and girls? I knew you could! Mmmm… what a perfect example of the recklessness of the mania!!!) However, Tennant MUST use his real accent, because Scottish accents top English accents anytime. Except for Steven Moffat’s Scottish accent, because… well… he’s MOFFAT. He’s DEFINITELY not allowed anywhere near my blockbuster. Unless he’s my arch enemy. OOH! He could be The Evil… something.

Fangirling over my movie aside, it blows my mind that nine times out of the ten I get approached it’s because I’m so open about the bipolar.

I wish I had the answers every one looks for. I wish I held the cure.

All I can do is talk about why I don’t get suicidal (any more), how I get when I get manic (rather dangerous to others), and how I get when I’m depressed (also rather dangerous, but to myself).

I told a person once that I’m not a shrink, but I’ve been shrunk.

Maybe I’ll just write a memoir or something… get what I can out there and maybe help a broader audience.

Or maybe I’ll write that script for my superhero movie instead.

Posted by Matty on 04/27 at 10:15 AM