Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am *so* ready to get committed!!!


“You know Tate, unlike your siblings, you were graced with so many graces. How is it that you cannot bring yourself to use them? Just a smile or a kind word could open the gates to heaven.” - AHS S1x10 - Smoldering Children

We’ve moved on from the murder house, and on to Briarcliff. While I’m sad that the story of the Harmons is over - and really, where could it have gone? - I’m getting increasingly more excited for season two. While RM says that all the returning actors will be playing parts different from the roles they played in season one, Even Peters is still going to be tortured by Jessica Lange, and that, my friends, is totally worth the price of admission. While they didn’t share too many scenes in AHS:MH, that scene where she’s beating the crap out of him is just magical. His reaction to her is… yeah. (Although the Lange / Quinto smackdown is definitely my number one Lange scene. I think. There were too many good Constance scenes.)

So any way… I’m back to obsessing about the show. Sorry.

Other than obsessing over AHS, I’m outlining some Shenny fanfic for NaNoWriMo. That will be fun… Maybe. NaNoWriMo always kicks my ass, but I have the writing bug, so why not focus my energy there? I already have an account on, so why not write something and give back to the incredible community there?

There’s so much I want to write about… and not a whole lot I want to share right now. Oh well, that’s what Moleskines and Lamy Safari fountain pens are for.

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