Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hi. My name is Ben. Ben Dover.

nice one, moff

One of the women I knit with got into Sherlock. (Had nothing to do with me loaning her the DVDs. Nope.)

She watched the third series and asked me - no joke - what the hell happened with the show.


I don’t know, either.


I was thinking about fan fiction today…

It seems so dirty - like all of us fic writers and readers are filthy degenerates.

Well, to you, I give this:

Any time anything is ever based on something that exists, that’s fan fiction.

Somebody loved something enough to recreate it and put their spin on it.

For Mofftiss, it was to recreate their beloved Sherlock Holmes and move him into the 21st century.

For Bryan Fuller, it was to create a version of Hannibal Lecter before Harris’ Red Dragon introduced him to the world.

I just started watching “Hannibal” and it’s OK. It’s not terrible. It’s not great.

It’s watchable.

What really put it on my radar was tumblr. (Big surprise!)

Or to be more exact, discussions of the sexuality of the show on tumblr.

Apparently, it’s OK to ship Lecter and Starling all you want. It’s a het couple and it’s well established. (And fuck, in the third book of the ‘Hannibal Trilogy’ as I call it, Harris gives us Clannibal. As gross as it was.)

It is NOT OK to ship Lecter and Will (Hannigram), because and I quote: LECTER IS NOT GAY

As I understand it, fic writers who live in a world where a serial killing cannibal is gay are twisted, but people who live in a world where that same serial killing cannibal is straight are perfectly okie-dokie.

I mean, people who like stories about serial killers - especially those who are cannibals - aren’t twisted in the slightest. Whether or not the serial killing cannibal in question is bent.

I dunno. I never thought about Hannibal Lecter in terms of sexuality and ‘shipping’ because when I was introduced to Harris’s books, I was too young / too sheltered to know that stuff like that existed.

Watching “Hannibal” today? With access to shipping goggles?

I don’t see it either way. Lecter with Clarise Starling or Lecter with Will Graham? Neither does anything for me… I feel that Lecter isn’t a sexual character in any way, shape, or form. Like he’s evolved past that in a way that only Sherlock can dream of. (Sorry - not to defend my Johnlock-iness, but the BBC’s version is definitely dripping with homoerotic tension. It’s a conscious choice by Mofftiss.)

I forgot where I was going with this… something about porn and slash and OH!

Folders named “How to take it up the ass like the bitch you are”. That’s where I was going with that.

I picked my laptop up on Friday and they had to put a new top case thingy on it. My power button is now flush with the casing instead of sitting beneath it. It feels weird to not have to be careful when I hit the power button… I was cutting myself on the sharp edge for a bit there.

They didn’t even need to turn it on.

I actually bummed about that. I really wanted to talk about the murder ideas…


Decided, fuck it. I’ve done all the leg work.

I’m applying for Ukrainian citizenship. While I highly doubt it will happen, the Ukraine could become a member of the EEC. So, yeah. I’ll have a golden ticket.


Work is keeping me busy.

Writing fan fic is keeping me busy.

Knitting is keeping me busy.

Reading is keeping me busy.

Playing ‘college student or homeless person’ is keeping me busy.

Life… is… busy.


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