Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new year!


from my most favorite coffee mug :: da ‘brook :: 2007

There isn’t much I can say about 2007… I made up with my very best friend in the whole world.  How the heck do you top that?!?!  You know, you make these friendships, they end and life goes on.  Maybe you know what you’re missing, maybe you don’t.  One day, life gives you the much-needed kick in the pants you didn’t know you needed, and all of sudden you find yourself wondering why things were the way they were for so long. I lucked out—I got my family back together.  It’s my first holiday season in several years where I didn’t get all maudlin over who I was missing.  Instead I thought about the people I had back in my life… A much better way to spend the holidays.

So yeah.  I’ve had a mostly wonderful 2007 and I don’t feel like dwelling on the parts that sucked. 

2008 may see a lot of things.  And it may not. I’m not even a full day into the year yet- I have no idea what I want for myself this year.  In the past three weeks, my little 5 year plan got completely derailed and I’ve had to start all over. It’s not been easy and I certainly don’t want to just decide on some random things so I can feel good about putting together a stupid list.

I’ve got my ubiquitous capture tool, clothed in a beautiful hunter green leather coat, and a wonderfully scritchy fountain pen.  I’ll be just fine.

Posted by Matty on 01/01 at 08:58 PM