Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Day Before Black Friday…

alright, which one of you posted this to the interwebs?

So much I want to talk about…

Let’s start with the fact that I’m thankful I can afford to stuff my face until I feel like I’m going to barf. Or that I’m “rich enough to not have to shop on Black Friday.” I don’t know… to me (even though it’s only J and I) Thanksgiving has always been about family. Not the countdown to buy shit for Christmas.

The only store I will ever shop at on a holiday is LL Bean and that’s because - as the story goes - he opened his store 24-7-365 for hunters. He didn’t keep his store open on the holidays just to turn a profit. It’s obvious, too, that LL Bean’s employees LIKE working the holidays. A lot of the ones I’ve talked to do it by CHOICE. They’re not forced to get up at fuck o’clock in the morning so they can be prepared for the onslaught of bargain shoppers.


The job continues to be stressful, but for different reasons now.

They let our Director of Finance go. We were without a boss for a week. On the new Director’s third day, my co-worker gave his notice. He hadn’t done any fucking work in the two weeks he ‘worked’. Then, he bitched and moaned that we were cheating him out of a week’s salary. Jesus jumping Christ on a fucking pogo stick. I’m torn between hating myself for lying to his new boss to get him the fuck out of our building and laughing hysterically because his new boss doesn’t know what a numb nuts this kid really is.

There is sooooo much work to do and I’m not allowed to work overtime. I get where my boss is coming from, but she doesn’t get the fact that I need to work. I can’t live with the piles on my desk.

So. Stress.

I guess, it’s the ‘good’ kind. I’m in the finance office instead of a cube, I like the new Director, and I got a quasi-promotion. (More work, no title, and definitely no raise.)


I’m knitting socks for a friend who went through a rough time and damn! She’s got some big fucking feet! As luck would have it, her feet are about J’s size, so he’s been trying them on as I work. I don’t know what I’d do without him… and that’s not just because he kills the spiders and wears purple socks.


I’m going to go slip into my turkey coma now, so may whatever’s left of your Thursday be a good one and try not to kill each other tomorrow AM.

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