Thursday, February 05, 2009

Godlike? Would God punch me in the head?


with boski :: mount snow, vt :: feb 1, 2009

I love the things you can find on teh interwebs.  For example, “Boski” is not just blonde boy’s last name.  I’m rather amused by the definitions attached to it. (Even my first name has some rather interesting definitions, but that’s neither here nor there.)

A few weeks ago, I went skiing and got broken.  An invitation was extended to hang out with the same group of people and go skiing again.  Since I’m still not sure what the injury is (MRI tomorrow), I wasn’t going to ski, but that wasn’t stopping me from going up and enjoying a night of, well, being 12 years old again.  The promise of tubing was thrown in and I was sold.  Plus, who could deny the fun of putting a case of soda, a bottle of ketchup, a bag of chips and a PONY! on the conveyor belt?  I love the looks that got me. 

When we got there there was much 12 year olding to be done.  “Heh, you said unit!”  Deciding that all the electrical panels should be locked at all times.  Pillow fights in the public lounge area.  Watching Guido near the pool and looking for his missing tattoos.  Wondering what would happen if you dumped spices into the hot tub, sitting behind the window in lab coats and carrying clipboards.  Trying to figure out the difference between the blue and black label, eating chocolate covered strawberries, rice krispies treats and broccori. Playing mad libs (Please confirm your Vizma!), and Scattergories (Something you keep secret? Sodomy! (Or incest… I can’t remember which letter it was.  The more shocking thing was I wasn’t the only one who had that as an answer)).  Whispered conversations and wondering what the future holds. Sleeping in a strange bed with a strange(r) person.

Waiting for the tubing on Sunday was *so* hard - it was the last thing we did. While I waited for them to get done skiing, I sat in the main lodge and knit.  I was wearing a UConn hockey sweatshirt and some guy had the gall to ask me if I was a hockey mom.  Uh, no!  Ewwww!  The tubing was beyond fun.  We went down in a chain every single time and it was just… beyond fun.  We got in trouble for walking on the magic carpet (heh.  carpet), got taken out several times by the same out of control child and I kept stepping into the ditch. 

Mr. Godlike cooked both breakfast and dinner (mmmm, meat!) on Sunday - and it was good.  I do love me some domesticated man.  He’s going to make some girl very happy once things settle down in his personal life.

I’m not going up for part two this weekend, which kind of bums me out… but I have a BU hockey game tomorrow and I’m journeying to Connecticut on Saturday for the Instrument show in Hartford.  There’s just not enough time to squeeze all that social activity in.  (That alone cracks me up - I spent so much time in Ohio wishing I could have a fun filled social life and now that I have it, I’m too busy bitching that I can’t fit everything I want to do in to my calendar.) 

All I know is I’m nervous about tomorrow night’s game - BU never plays well when they’re ranked # 1 in the country - and I’m all twitchy to get to Connecticut and see my friends.  I’m not going to worry about things that are out of my control.  I’m not going to question people’s behavior.  I’m just going to go and have a good time and try not to get into too much trouble.

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